Know All The Members of YouTube Channel-Treesicle

We can learn almost anything from YouTube videos, thanks to the increasing popularity of YouTube in our daily lives. Similarly, a wide range of video genres is released on the platform every day.

Virtual reality has become an important part of our lives, and video games have risen to the top of the entertainment hierarchy. Treesicle has established its brand and reputation among the crowd of creators. Treesicle is a gaming channel where you can watch mind-expanding videos about your favorite games.

Treesicle continues to grow, with over 954K subscribers and counting. Learn more about the members who contribute to this entertaining gaming YouTube channel.

Members of Treesicle

The entire writing and producing team for the YouTube channel ‘Treesicle’ is made up of four people. They are a four-man army on the gaming zone’s battlefield. Tyler Baron, Ryan Kroner, Grant Ball, and Mike Pixley are the four members of ‘Treesicle.’

1) Ryan Kroner 

Ryan Kroner is a 6 ft 8-inch tall gamer who certainly stands out. He’s also the voice actor for the Treesicle videos. As of January 2020, the tall, handsome man has twenty-three videos on his own YouTube channel, ‘Kronsauce.’

When Ryan was tagged in the popular thread “five things people don’t know about you,” fangirls and fanboys learned new things about him.

Ryan is also very close with his family, as he spends a lot of time with them and posts adorable photos on Instagram. Ryan, on the other hand, is a softball in comparison to his massive frame.

2) Tyler Baron

Tyler Baron is a co-founder and member of Treesicle. He’s very active on Twitter and Twitch, where he shares his thoughts and sense of humor with other gamers. He claims to be very knowledgeable about beer, according to his Twitter bio. Tyler has his own YouTube channel, ‘Zarbidar Dongalong,’ which he started on December 27, 2016, and has only one video on it so far.

Tyler is active on Twitter, and we recently learned that he has adopted a cute cat named Bean! Despite the fact that Tyler Baron is a professional YouTuber who appears to be doing well, he dislikes social media. Treesicle’s co-founder appears to keep his personal life hidden from the camera, which may explain why we haven’t seen much of his family or girlfriend.

3) Grant Ball

Grant Ball is the voice behind the Treesicle’s YouTube channel’s theory videos. He also works for Treesicle as a writer and editor. He also has his own YouTube channel, ‘Grant Ball,’ where his single video has received around 7,236 views.

Meditating, exercising, and having meaningful relationships, according to Grant, are the main things that keep his mind clear while writing scripts. It’s also amusing to learn that Mr. Mackey from South Park was Grant’s first cartoon crush.

4) Mike Pixley 

Mike Pixley is the creator, producer, and video editor of the Treesicle content. Aside from Treesicle, he has his own YouTube channel, as do the other members. ‘Death Mountaineers,’ a YouTube channel he co-owns with his girlfriend, is the name of their channel. Mike is a tattoo enthusiast with beautiful art carved into his body, as evidenced by his Instagram feed.

Treesicle’s members are very close as they travel together, and the content they create is also entertaining to watch. Their shared enthusiasm for creation has brought them closer together.

Some Treesicle information

  • Treesicle was founded on January 11, 2014, and as of January 2020, it had 149,557,081 views and 415 uploads.
  • Treesicle’s most popular video is ‘Sonic The Hedgehog: The Story You Never Knew,’ which has received over 5.8 million views.
  • Streamsicle, where the best of the best streams are edited and posted, and Bonsai Pop, where videos about anime are uploaded, are Treesicle’s other two YouTube channels.
  • They also have a merchandise line.
  • With Treesicle’s help, we hope to be able to sharpen our minds on game theories in the future!

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