Know All About Yetunde Price Tragic Death and Funeral

Today, we’re going to discuss about Yetunde Price, the eldest half-sister of Venus and Serena Williams, two well-known tennis stars. The Williams sisters have clearly had a significant impact on female athletes.

In the 2003 shooting massacre in Compton, California, Yetunde Price lost her life. On the evening of September 14, 2003, Price was slain while talking to her boyfriend in her SUV.

Robert Edward Maxfield, a street gang member of the Southside Compton Crips, was found guilty of killing Price. He received a 15-year prison sentence on April 6, 2006, however, his sentence was later reduced for good behavior, and he was freed in March 2018.

Yetunde Price Was Mother Of Three Kids

Before the unfortunate event, Yetunde had a pleasant life with her children and fiance. Rolland Wormley, Price’s boyfriend and future husband were in a relationship.

According to accounts, Price and her fiance had three kids. Jair Bobbitt, Jeffrey Jr., and Justus Bobbitt are the names of her three boys that survived her. Price had a beauty parlor in addition to being a licensed nurse.

Information on Price’s private life is not particularly abundant. Additionally, it is unknown when she and her fiance got engaged.

Parents of Yetunde Price

Yetunde was the daughter of Yusef Rasheed and Oracene Price, a tennis teacher. Although it is unknown when they got married, they remained together until Rasheed passed away in 1979.

Oracene and Yusef had two daughters, Isha and Lyndrea Price, after Yetunde. Isha is currently employed as a lawyer, while Lyndrea is a web designer.

Yetunde and the Williams Sisters became close

Following the passing of her first husband, Oracene, she grew close to tennis teacher Richard Williams. In 1980, the couple was hitched and welcomed daughters Venus and Serena. They are both very accomplished professional tennis players who have garnered numerous honors and titles.

Richard considered Price to be his own daughter even if she was his stepdaughter. He brought up Venus, Serena, and the Price sisters. Furthermore, they had a close relationship with the Williams sisters.

For your knowledge, Yetunde also served as the Williams sisters’ personal assistant. In order to pay homage to the nameake’s life and memory, they established a project fund in 2016 named The Yetunde Price Resource Center (YPRC).

Death of Yetunde Price

Yetunde and her lover were talking in her SUV on the evening of September 14, 2003, when it was parked in front of a trap house in a Los Angeles County, California, suburb.

At that point, a few Compton street gang members opened fire on the SUV, and the bullet that struck her in the back of the head went through a window.

Price’s boyfriend claimed that at first, he was unaware that Price had been struck but that he afterward discovered there was blood all around. After being admitted to the hospital, she was declared dead from a head wound caused by a bullet.

Robert E. Maxfield, the suspected gang member, shot Price with an assault weapon after firing 11 rounds. He received a 15-year prison sentence on April 6, 2006. On March 8, 2018, he was granted parole and was detained again for allegedly breaking that condition.

Yetunde Price Funeral

On September 19, 2003, Yetunde was peacefully laid to rest at Hollywood Hills. Five days after being shot to death, she was laid to rest at Forest Lawn Cemetery.

The mourners at Price’s burial included his sisters as well as his daughters Venus and Serena.

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