Know All About Vereenasayed’s Merch And How Much Is Her Net Worth?

Vereena Sayed, who was born on May 22nd, 2003, is a popular Youtuber with over 1.25 million subscribers. Her Get Ready with Me blogs and makeup tutorials have helped her gain massive popularity.

Vereena is well-known not only for her YouTube persona, but also for her role in the Brat series Stuck. She joined the YouTube community on May 28, 2012, and has a YouTube channel. Let’s take a look at how much fortune she’s accumulated over the course of her YouTube career.

Income From YouTube Channel

We’ve all heard of YouTube and how it’s helped a lot of people change their lives. Many people’s primary and secondary sources of income are YouTube, and among those fortunate individuals, Vereena’s name should be mentioned. She has been able to maintain her consistency since the day she uploaded her first video.

According to SocialBlade, Vereena earns $350 to $5.6K per month and an estimated amount of $4.2K to $67.3K per year from her YouTube channel.

She has nearly 55 videos on her Youtube channel, and her revenue per video ranges from $19 to $522 on average. As a result, we can estimate Vereenasayed’s net worth to be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

She makes money from both her YouTube channel and her merchandise. So, let’s learn more about her limited-edition merchandise.

Earnings From Merchandise

Vereena, like all popular YouTubers, has her own line of merchandise. She has two types of collections available for her fans: CatFished collection and Cartoon collection, focusing on Tops and Hoodies with her slogan CatFished.

Pink hoodies and T-shirts are available for girls, while grey hoodies and T-shirts are available for boys. The prices of her products are listed below.

Merchandise Price
CatFished Hoodie $45.00
CatFished T-Shirt $25.00
Cartoon Hoodie $30.00
Cartoon T-Shirt $15.00

Vereena is also attempting to launch her new merchandise with a new logo. She announced it with a tweet to her Twitter followers, asking for help with her new logo.

Many of her adoring fans have surprised her by posting a plethora of cool and lovely V logos, but she has yet to choose one. So let’s hope she comes up with a new logo for her merchandise soon.

Other Income Sources

Vereenasayed’s net worth is made up of earnings from her YouTube channel and merchandise, but that isn’t her only source of income.

She also makes money because she is sponsored by a number of well-known brands on her YouTube channel and social media pages. Because she has over a million Instagram followers, advertisers are willing to pay a lot of money for her advertisements.

Vereena also had a starring role in the Brat series Stuck, for which she must have made a decent sum of money.

Stuck was a hit with fans, with over a million people watching it on YouTube alone. It featured not only Vereena but also Enya Umanzor, Denzel Dion, and Jake Holley. Jane was portrayed by Vereena.

So, let’s talk about her personal life for a moment. Vereena enjoys a happy life with her family. She adores dogs and has two of them, a German Sheperd and a Maltese named Milo. Moving on to her personal life, she was dating Anthony Reeves, a long-time love interest of hers.

Nonetheless, given the talented YouTuber’s current success, Vereenasayed’s net worth is expected to skyrocket in the coming days.

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