Know All About Tony Ferguson Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Hello, today we’ll talk about TONY FERGUSON’S WORKOUT ROUTINE and DIET PLAN. Let us first learn about him. Tony Ferguson, commonly known as EL Cucuy, was born in California on December 2, 1984. He is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the UFC’s lightweight division ( Ultimate fighting championship).

According to data from March 9, 2014, he is ranked 12th in the pound to pound category. His accomplishments in the UFC include winning UFC 13 for the lightweight class in which he contested, as well as winning 23 of the 26 fights Tony Ferguson competed in for the MMA.

If we talk about his career, he began his fighting style career in 2008, and his debut match was against Steve Avalos, in which he was defeated. He won his next fight against Bran Adams with a tremendous crushing punch to the face.

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Workout Routine of Ferguson

Tony Ferguson’s training routine is really complicated, and his exercise is out of this world.

So, unless you are a PRO Gymmer, I do not recommend that you take these workouts seriously.

Let me disclose some Tony training regimen enhancements:-

There is no spoon

  • This one is easy to understand. All you want to do now is stand shoulder-width apart with your arms extended.
  • The twist is that you must defy gravity within the procedure. You’ll need to face horizontally together, with one arm on the ground and your feet against a wall for support.
  • For the first few seconds, it’s quite straightforward.

Gym ball summersaults

  • Jump into an athletic facility ball shoulder-first and check out to land on your feet.
  • Repeat a dozen times without stopping and you’ll be golden… or, more likely, paralyzed.

Hammer swings with a gym ball

  • So you’ve nailed the last athletic facility ball drill? It’s time to take things to the next level.
  • Get up on your ball, get something long and heavy, and start swinging it about.
  • Rep until you fall off, ideally before a herniation occurs.

Windscreen wipers with horizontal bars

Pull your legs out from your body and arrange them in a very seated position, starting with your knees to your chest and your head pointing towards the bottom.

Swings with horizontal bars

  • For this one, you’ll want to go for a swing set that is incredibly robust.
  • Simply lift yourself up, interweave your body, and hold it horizontally to the bottom after you’ve found the right one. Tony Ferguson’s training routine is the focus of this article.

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