Know All About NBA Player James Harden’s Father – James Harden Sr.

James Harden’s father is James Harden Sr. James Edward Harden Jr., also known as James, is a professional basketball player who currently plays for the Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association.

After his marriage, James Harden Sr.’s relationship with his family was strained?

Monja Willis was the wife of James Harden Sr., a basketball player. After serving in the United States Navy, the man became fascinated with d*ugs.

He was circling the jail as a result of his engagement, leaving less time for his family. James’ relationship with his child is poor, as seen by his academic achievement. Junior James, according to sources, refused to use the term Jr. when writing his name at the time.

Quick Facts

Full Name James Harden Sr
First Name James
Middle Name Harden
Last Name Sr
Profession Celebrity Father
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Spouse Monja Willis
No Of Children 2

His wife had reared their children

As we all know, James was absent from his children’s lives during their formative years, so his wife Monja took on the role of both parents. Despite her job at AT&T, she always made time for her children. James’ mother had always attended his sports despite his father’s absence. Despite the fact that Monja has no interest in sports, she claims that immersing her children in sports is a means for her to keep them out of trouble and busy.

Monja received a new house thanks to one of their children

His wife Monja had three children in all, including Akili Roberson, who was James’ half-sister, and Arnique Jelks, who was James’ third child. The sportsman had recently acquired a new home in Houston for his mother, which was only 20 minutes away from his existing residence. We can’t deny that the mother-son bond is the strongest, but their friendship grew much closer after she retired in 2009.

Life of James’ wife after the wedding

James’ better half’s post-wedding life Hats go to his better half for staying strong despite a rocky relationship with James Sr. The females taught their children to stand on their legs, giving birth to the Akili; the eldest of them rose to prominence as a football quarterback in the Arena Football League.

James Jr. is a well-known player around the world, and he is recognized as a fantastic scorer and the finest shooting guard in the NBA. Finally, Arnique, unlike her brothers, chose to be a cheerleader over playing football or basketball. Monja had also always been proud of her for pursuing her dreams for so many years.

Interview of James Harden

Everyone knows about James’ career achievements, but what did his younger brother Akili have to say about him? His brother reported that he used to keep the basketball in his hand at all times when conducting specific activities.

As a result, he frequently questioned James regarding the NBA’s player count. The athlete had signed the blank paper and given it to his mother when he was young (about ninth grade), instructing her to keep it safe because he would be the star in the future.

Net Worth and Salary 2022/2023

Because of his life’s ups and downs, we can’t pinpoint James Harden Srparticularsource .’s of income. Instead, we might have to rely on his son James Harden, who has a net worth of $145 million as of 2022.

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