Know All About Miles McMillan’s Relationship Status, Age, And Model

Miles McMillan

In an unexpected change of events, one of Hollywood’s most adored couples has called it quits on their more than half-decade-long romance. According to sources, American model Miles McMillan and his partner, Zachary Quinto, have ended their nearly six-year engagement.

The couple’s divorce follows a period of seclusion during which they were not spotted together or shared any social media posts starring one another.

While the split is heartbreaking, with fans pleading with their favorite lovebirds to reconsider, let’s take a moment to remember some of the sweet moments Miles and Zachary shared as partners!

Started Dating in 2013 and Divorced After Six Years

Soon after Zachary Quinto ended his relationship with Jonathan Groff in 2013, he was sighted with a new man, who turned out to be none other than Miles McMillan.

The couple took their time acknowledging their romance and announced it publicly until a year later in 2014. Zachary announced the romance in an Instagram post in which he referred to Miles as his “real-life baby.”

Miles and Zachary were accustomed to exchanging snippets of their shared times. They were also spotted in New York City on dates. Finally, in 2015, the duo took a step further in their relationship by purchasing a $3 million home in New York.

In 2016, Miles’ partner was spotted wearing a silver band on his left ring finger, sparking speculation that the couple was engaged. However, Zachary quickly dismissed the gossip, stating that the ring was intended as a gift for Miles but he decided to give it a try because the Heroes star liked it. Quinto was forced to wear the band on his ring finger because it did not fit in any of his fingers.

Although the partners were not engaged, they discussed marriage. Zachary disclosed that he and Miles had addressed the situation, but neither was in a hurry to resolve it.

As 2018 began, Miles and his gay boyfriend allegedly grew estranged from one another and shared fewer photos of themselves on social media. The last time the lovers were photographed together was in June 2018 at the 2018 Tony Awards, where they wore identical ensembles.
Soon after, reports began to circulate that the pair had ended their relationship. By the 2019 Academy Awards, the duo was expected to have separated due to their separate attendance at the events.

Additionally, Miles and Zachary attended separate after-parties, with Miles attending the Elton John AIDS Foundation presentation and Zachary attending the Vanity Fair after-party.

Following the breakup of one of their favorite couples, fans are wondering who will be the next!

Additional Information About Miles McMillan

Miles McMillan, 28, is an American model who has appeared in advertisements for a variety of brands, including Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, and Jeremy Scott.

Miles was born in California and originally intended to pursue a career in painting, but he was forced to take up modeling in order to pay his bills.

He was also named the Daily Front Row’s Model of the Year for 2016. He did not, however, abandon his goals of being an artist and continued to paint. He now refers to himself as a successful painter.

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