Know All About Michael Carbonaro, Gay Magician, Reveals His Husband; His Private Yet Serene Married Life

Michael Carbonaro, an American magician, and the joker is the creator of the truTV magic show The Carbonaro Effect.

The openly gay magician is married to a Hollywood A-lister and lives a happy marriage in secret. After first being hesitant to open up about his sexuality, the Oakdale native is growing in confidence as a gay celebrity.

Gay Couple Married To Another Gay Couple

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Unlike many celebs, Michael’s marital life is more like a cake recipe.

The master of disguise has kept his marital life a secret, placing a premium on references to his life. Since 2005, the openly gay magician has been dating actor Peter Stickles. Michael made his romantic relationship public in 2014 when he married his boyfriend, Peter.

The actor does not promote his marriage on social media since he believes his shows and performances have nothing to do with his sexual orientation or marital status.

In November 2017, the attractive magician provided a unique insight into his relationship. Michael told the Orlando Sentinal that he was enjoying his marital life to the fullest and that the spouses were likewise kind to one another. He asserted:

“Married life is awesome. We’re really good for each other. We met in New York. We’ve been together 12 years.”

Additionally, in January 2018, the Not Another Gay Movie actor officially identified Peter as his handsome husband on Twitter.

When Peter was advertised as Michael Varrati’s guest on the talk show Dead For Filth, one astute fan immediately recognized him as the same guy who featured in Michael’s second season premiere of The Carbonaro Effect.

And Michale duly responded to the fan’s remark with a resounding ‘Yes,’ adding that Peter was his handsome husband. However, in a recent scenario, Michale has been posting images on social media with the love of his life. It appears as though he is finally ready to share his love life on social media.

Michale recently posted a flashback Instagram image of himself and his husband on 2 August 2018. Michale and Peter took the photo during a romantic getaway to Hawaii in February 2017.

Both gentlemen have their arms wrapped around one another in the photograph. Additionally, he shared a selfie with Peter in the backdrop while they were in a store. Michale made a sarcastic remark about Peter in the caption.

Additionally, according to their previous post, the pair visited Scare LA as part of their romantic horror trip.

As A Child, I Was Gay; I Never Kept It A Secret; I Never Came Out

Michael was aware of his homosexuality since he was a child. However, he was never fond of the word gay. To him, the term “gay” meant perverse, nasty, horrible, and strange. ‘Oh, I’m not that, but I do like guys, so I must be something else,’ the magician always felt.

Michael had a love for the character Elliot from the science fiction film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial throughout his youth. He had a large poster of Elliot in his room and had hidden a placard that read: I Love Elliot.

From an early age, the magician was adept at concealment, but what he did not conceal was his sexuality.

Despite the fact that magic is all about deception and illusion, he kept audiences in the dark about his personal life by spreading stories about his wife and lover.

However, the magician admitted that he did not always speak openly about his sexuality out of fear of being judged or offended. The censorship was a source of contention for the artist, who was adamant about revealing his identity and living in reality.

Identical Rumors

In April 2016, Michael was accused of staging his program with professional performers and various cameras to deceive viewers. In Q&A sites, Quora, and Reddit, questions regarding Michael having a twin to assist him with his magic tricks began to surface.

While Michael is his parents’ youngest child, he has no apparent resemblance to his two elder brothers.

Michael, however, dispelled any doubts by sharing an unedited film of one of his pranks, assuring viewers that everything he performed was legitimate, using real individuals, not actors.

And despite the little hiccup, his presentation The Carbonaro Effect continues to wow audiences with his almost incredible tricks.

To add to that, Michael recently concluded his tour dates in early July 2018. The 2018 gigs began on 20 January, and there have been no further details about his planned tours.

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