Know All About Lee Norris: Wife, Family, Age – Is He A Transgender?

The Internet is a wild world; a simple meme can birth a damaging rumor that can be fatal to a celebrity’s career.

In 2016, when a side-by-side photo of actor Lee Norris and rapper Chanel West Coast went viral, he became an odd target of such a meme-induced joke. It was largely responsible for the rumors that he was transgender.

Is Lee Norris a transgender individual?

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It’s unsurprising that the Boy Meets The World actor bears a striking likeness to Chanel West Coast, his claimed doppelganger. Though they are not blood relatives, he and the Been On musician share a striking physical resemblance.

However, the origin of the asserted meme remains unknown to the public. Nonetheless, it elicited priceless emotions from everyone.
Everyone appeared to have a hearty chuckle about it. Chanel, too, responded to the viral meme with a sarcastic tweet:-

“I got news for all these dumb sites posting that ad saying I’m transgender and used to be Minkus…you got a BIG lawsuit coming your way lol… “

Lee has yet to respond to it – at least publicly. That said, it’s not difficult to imagine him and his wife enjoying a smile when they first became aware of the aforementioned meme.

Present Relationship Status With Wife

By the time the transgender rumor gained steam, Lee and his wife Andrea Norris had been married for nearly five years.

If only the online bullies were aware of how well he gets along with his partner, they would never have used his similarity to Chanel West.

Nonetheless, everything points to the One Tree Hill star being a “guy,” and nothing else. He began hosting Married With Television in 2017 alongside his wife Andrea.
Given how long they’ve been together, the news that they’re planning to start a family soon should come as no surprise.

The Basics – Family & Age

Lee was born in 1981 in Greenville, North Carolina, USA.

Despite a lack of information about his family and close relatives, admirers presume that the Girl Meets World actor – who is now 37 years old – lived up in luxury. This perception is mostly based on his on-screen portrayal of a “soft man.”

Lee, a product of Wake Forest University, had his acting debut in the 1990s sitcom The Torkelsons.

Films & Television Shows

His watershed moment, however, came when he was cast as Stuart Minkus in the ABC sitcom Boy Meets World. Between 1993 and 1998, he charmed fans with the renowned character for six seasons.

Lee next surprised the television public with his acting abilities when portraying Marvin “Mouth” McFadden in the renowned teen series One Tree Hill.

His lesser-known television appearances include American Gothic, Dawson’s Creek, and The Walking Dead.

Apart from the small screen, Lee has a slew of high-profile cinematic credits. He has worked on numerous films with director David Fincher, including Zodiac, Surf School, and Gone Girl.

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