Know All About Kendall Schmidt Net Worth, Wife, Dating, And Family

Kendall Schmidt’s talent is not confined to acting. He has worked on films such as A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Big Time Rush, and CSI: Miami.

The American actor is also well-known as a member of the band Big Time Rush, which shares the same name as his show. He co-wrote several of his most well-known songs with the group, including You’re Not Alone and Cover Girl.

Is She A Girlfriend Or A Wife?

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Kendall Schmidt’s admirers are well aware that he is dating Micaela Von Turkovich. Though it is unknown when the two began dating, it is possible that they began their romance in 2016. That was the year Kendall was photographed kissing Micaela in Italy.

Due to the duo’s low-key personal life, little is known about their relationship. However, the pair does not hesitate to share images of themselves on both of their Instagram accounts.

]The couple appears to be stronger than ever as of October 2019, as demonstrated by their Instagram profiles. However, it is unknown whether the Big Time Rush actor would marry his partner and convert her into his wife in the near future.

Family, Ethnic Origin, and Height

The Wichita, Kansas native was born on 2 November 1990 and grew up with two brothers named Kevin and Kenneth Schmidt. Kathy and Kent, his parents

Schmidt imbued Kendall with a mixture of German, Swedish, English, and distant Dutch ancestry.

Kendall, who is 28 years old as of October 2019, is 5 feet and 11 inches tall (1.8 m).

Career & Wealth

Kendall’s career began when he was five years old and appeared in a Chex television commercial. He was later employed as Joel Osment’s stand-in body double in A.I. Artificial Intelligence when he was nine years old.

Kendall Schmidt’s family relocated to California when he was ten years old. He landed recurrent appearances in television programs such as General Hospital, Titus, Raising Dad, Gilmore Girls, and CSI: Miami over the years.

Kendall was cast as the lead actor in the 2009 television drama Big Time Rush. The show catapulted him to prominence in the world of television series.

Kendall has also appeared in films such as Minority Report and According to Spencer. Additionally, one of his most recent works is Are You There, God? Margot with School Of Rock’s It’s Me, Margot.

Apart from acting, Kendall was a member of the band Big Time Rush. Kendall was a member of the band for three albums. He later formed a pop combo with another Big Time Rush TV program alum, Dustin Belt, called Heffron Drive.

The actor/songwriter has amassed a sizable net worth from his acting and music careers. As of 2019, his overall net worth is a stunning $12 million.

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