Know All About Fadi Fawaz Wiki, Boyfriend, Net Worth, And Parents

The music world awoke to tragedy on Christmas Day 2016, when superstar artist George Michael was proclaimed dead. Fans were distraught, and the spotlight was firmly focused on his lover, hairstylist Fadi Fawaz, who discovered him unconscious in the first place.

Some even accused Fadi of being responsible for George’s death, although those accusations were eventually proven to be false.

Relationship With Boyfriend George Michael

Boyfriend Relationship In 2011, George Michael Fadi, 45, began dating the Wham! singer. The two kept their dating lives under wraps. They even avoided public appearances together. However, paparazzi photographs established their homosexual relationship.

Fadi was well-known for providing a reassuring shoulder for George. During the apex of his dark issues, he claimed to find solace solely in the arms of Fadi.

However, Fadi’s circumstances changed following the death of his boyfriend, George.

Along with his devoted admirers, the singer’s family was enraged by the hairstylist’s actions. The incensed family even barred him from attending George’s funeral. Fadi attended the funeral despite his late beau’s family’s warnings.

He was left saddened, however, when the singer’s family refused to let him in for his beau’s final funeral. Meanwhile, the media circus generated a barrage of stories about the British singer’s demise. Fadi was reportedly offered €1 million for information on the late musician.

Following the spread of such news, the British hitmaker’s family intervened; they gave him George’s London mansion in exchange for his silence regarding the troubled singer’s personal life.

Fadi now resides in the London mansion of his late partner. Fadi was born in Brisbane’s Logan Central suburbs. In stark contrast to his extravagant lifestyle with the British singer, he lived in a low-income neighborhood. Nonetheless, his parents – father and mother, Nada – raised Fadi with love and care.

Their passion propelled Fadi to prominence as a celebrity hairstylist. Among his notable clientele are Naomi Campbell and the Pussycat Dolls.

Despite being born in Australia, the hairdressing profession is of Lebanese origin. Due to his ties to a Muslim country, some believe he practices Islam.

According to his bio, he gets a respectable salary of $46,987 every year. It appears poor in comparison to his late beau’s $200 million net worth. However, the departed singer’s family’s generous donation ensured that he would not have to worry about his net worth.

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