Know All About Darren Knight Married, Wife, And Family

Known for her alter-ego Southern Mama, comedian Darren Knight first gained notoriety through Facebook.

His debut video, dubbed “Southern Momma Picking the Kids Up from School,” catapulted him to overnight fame, garnering millions of views on the social media platform itself.

While Darren continues to be a top talent on the comic circuit, his conservative views have earned him a plethora of enemies. Investigate the controversial comic’s history to learn about his private life!

The Biography Reveals the Author’s Age and Family

Darren was born on 14th March 1986 in the “Redneck State” of Alabama.

The Facebook star, who is a very private person, avoids disclosing details about his family. Fans learn about their family life through his social media posts.

Despite this, Darren – now 33 years old – is candid about his influences. His alter ego, Southern Mama is an unpleasant caricature of his mother and grandmother as he recalls them from his youth.

Prior to pursuing a career in stand-up, he worked at K Mart and Sears.

How Much Money Is Darren Knight Worth?

Following his viral success in 2015, the Alabama native reaped the benefits of his newfound celebrity status and amassed a fortune.

Darren boldly proclaims in his Facebook bio that he is the “fastest-growing comedian in American history” – a claim that was only reinforced when Variety named him one of the Top 10 Comics to Watch in 2018.

Now affiliated with Bang Productions, the popularity of redneck comics has grown tenfold over the years. He has almost 140 thousand subscribers on YouTube alone.

Although the exact size of his fortune is unknown, some say that it should exceed the eight-figure level. Among all revenue streams, ticket sales for his tour dates continue to be the most significant.

Is He A Closeted Gay Individual?

Darren’s stand-up routines are primarily directed toward the LGBT community’s lifestyle.

As a staunch supporter of America’s First Amendment, the 33-year-old has yet to tone down his anti-gay remarks. For him, laughter trumps sexism and homophobia. He once asserted:-

“comedy isn’t about sexism or race… it’s about laughs.”

Due to his evident homophobia, detractors have asserted that Darren is a secret gay who conceals his love for males through hatred. There is little to no evidence to support those allegations.

Are You Married To Your Wife Or Are You Dating A Girlfriend?

If Darren is not gay, he must be married to a lovely wife, correct?

On the contrary, the polarizing comic does not appear to have a woman in his life that he can refer to as a girlfriend. His Instagram feeds indicate that he is far from wedded.

While Darren cherishes his singlehood with the zeal of a genuine champion, he nevertheless enjoys the benefits of married life – despite the fact that he does not have a wife – by spending quality time with her nieces.

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