Know All About 25-Year-Old Miracle Watts Before And After Alleged Surgery!

Miracle Watts is a popular 25-year-old Instagram sensation and American model who gained notoriety following a shout-out from Drake on OB Brien’s “2 On Thotful” single.

However, the model rose to prominence only after undergoing surgery to improve her voluptuous appearance. Not only is she well-known for her post-surgery appearance, but she is also well-known for her dating life. Continue reading to learn about Miracle Watt’s plastic surgery procedure and her dating adventures.

“Surgery” by Miracle Watts

Miracle Watts, who measures 1.64 m (5 feet 4 inches) tall, was a Texas native prior to becoming an Instagram renowned model. She even appeared in a few Hip Hop videos, but her appearances did not help her gain popularity.

Miracle later underwent surgery to further enhance her physique, which helped her advance in her modeling profession. She was even said to want Beyonce’s same b***, which she obtained from Beyonce’s plastic surgeon.

Later, she said she purchased the same b*** as Beyonce, claiming that Beyonce’s b*** was clearly not natural. However, it was not confirmed whether she underwent the same type of surgery as Beyonce.

Miracle’s before and after surgery appearances were quite different. According to accounts, she also had a nose job and a bust enlargement.
Not only did her surgically augmented body improve her appearance, but it also increased her Instagram followers. To everyone’s amazement, she responded to the reports about her operation with a tweet on 16 April 2014, denying that she had undergone surgery.

Despite the tweet, the stunning beauty became embroiled in surgery speculations and was even featured in numerous videos claiming to have undergone the procedure.

Whatever the case, Miracle has made a name for herself by shutting down her detractors, and in addition to modeling, she is an entrepreneur, running her own beauty line called Miracle Tresses. She has achieved celebrity and money as a model and entrepreneur, but has kept her net worth a secret!

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Visited the Zoo with Boyfriend

The model, who has over 2 million Instagram followers, became embroiled in relationship rumors with August Alsina, an American music artist.

The pair apparently visited the zoo together in January 2016 and documented their visit on their separate social media platforms. Miracle and her lover, on the other hand, smartly shared only their single photos.

Not only that, Miracle included a photo of her boyfriend, August, in one of her August 2015 Snapchat feeds.

Miracle Watts, who has been mum about her dating rumors with August since 2016, may have hinted at their breakup; however, formal confirmation from the concerned parties is still pending.

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