Know About Sean O’Pry Dating, His Girlfriend Didn’t Prioritize Love? And His Personal Status Now

Sean O’Pry, a 29-year-old American model, is possibly the most successful male model of all time. Or so the editors of believed when they named the Georgia native, whose physical dimensions of 38-15-30 inches (96.5-38-76 cm) approximate those of Adonis, as the world’s most successful model for two consecutive years (2013 and 2014).

Simultaneously, first stories about Sean – who stood 6 inches(183 cm) tall – and Australian actress Jessica McNamee’s supposed encounter gained traction. While neither he nor Jessica has publicly acknowledged their relationship, the widespread view is that the genetically gifted couple makes an excellent couple.

Just as things appeared to be going swimmingly between the two, Sean’s putative girlfriend dropped a bombshell by announcing her impending departure for her native country.

“I Plead The Fifth.” On Girlfriends & Dating: “I Plead The Fifth.”

One would struggle to find a more attractive combination than Sean and his purported girlfriend, Jessica.

Believe it or not, it was Sean’s sense of humor – not his razor-sharp jawlines – that caused Jessica to fawn all over him when they met in the summer of 2014. A source close to the North Cobb High School alum stated to the US Weekly:

“They met through mutual friends during the summer. She fell for him hard. It’s going well, everybody likes him. He has a good sense of humor on top of those looks.”

Following the publishing of the aforementioned US Weekly article, an uproar of unhappiness erupted among a segment of the actor’s female fan base.

What justified the fans’ outrage was the fact that, less than a month ago, Sean – who has a claimed net worth of $8 million – made no reference to his girlfriend when asked about his dating status by E! News. He stated plainly:

“I plead the Fifth. The less people know the better.”

To quell the outpouring of hate generated by the impulsive fans, Sean’s representative issued a statement clarifying that he and the Siren actress are “just close friends.”

Jeopardizes Dating Life: Alleged Girlfriend Departs For Australia

Their story was resurrected by media sources when they made their first red carpet appearance as each other’s date in style in April 2015 – five months after news of their supposed hook-up initially surfaced.

Since their initial public appearance at Sao Paulo Fashion Week, their public appearances have been few and far between; in fact, it would take another bombshell from the Australian actress to propel them into the limelight.

Jessica revealed to The Daily Telegraph in May 2017 that she intends to return to Australia to complete her professional writing program at Swinburne University in Melbourne.

However, at that time, the public had practically forgotten that they were still dating. Numerous people associated the Australian actress’ choice to depart America in search of work with her supposed break up with Sean.
Neither camp has responded to reports of their reported separation; that is, if they haven’t actually broken up. If Sean and Jessica remain together, Jessica’s decision will give them much to consider.

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