Know About General Hospital Star Brandon Barash Engagement With His Hot Girlfriend

Brandon Barash, who is best known for his role as Johnny Zachhara on ABC’s longest-running soap series General Hospital, has had his share of failed romances.

The Gilmore Girls actor was engaged and married, although his marriage was short-lived. He has, however, discovered the ideal dating companion and reintroduced love into his life.

And guess what? She is also insanely in love with this man!

Why don’t you follow Brandon Barash’s love life and learn everything there is to know about him!

One Is Engaged To, Another Is Married

Brandon previously had a brief romance with All My Children actress Natalie Hall in the late 2000s. The couple even got engaged in 2011 but called it quits after a brief engagement.

Brandon began seeing his General Hospital co-star, Kristen Storms, following his breakup with Natalie, and the relationship quickly developed into something more. Finally, in June 2013, the pair married in an unexpected ceremony at Caesar’s Palace.

Kristen gave birth to a daughter called Harper Rose on 8 January 2014, less than a year after the marriage. On 9 January 2014, the 38-year-old uploaded a photo of his wife and daughter, referring to them as his “Queen” and “Princess.”

Unfortunately, when they were confronted with reality, their fairy-tale-like marriage crumbled, and even the presence of a daughter could not save the once-happy pair.

In April 2016, the couple announced their split, claiming irreconcilable reasons. Brandon explained in an interview with Digest that the breakup was not quick and that the couple attempted treatment to salvage their marriage but were unsuccessful.

The St. Louis native, on the other hand, stated that they aim to stay a family and focus their efforts on co-parenting their daughter in a healthy setting. Additionally, he acknowledged that raising Harper in two separate homes would be the best option for the family.

Brandon remained a trusted acquaintance of his ex-wife after the divorce and even assisted her in recovering from terrible depression.

The ex-partners have since moved on with their lives and have even begun dating. Kristen began dating Zach Webb, the rock band’s lead singer, in 2017. It is a Living Thing.

Meanwhile, Brandon’s kid, who is four years old, is thriving. Additionally, Brandon is dating someone, and the two are an ideal match.

A New Girlfriend, A Match Made in Heaven

Brandon recently uploaded an Instagram post on 2 June 2018 revealing his newfound love. He mentioned in the post that he fell in love at first sight.

He has referred to his new partner, personal trainer Morgan Mitchell, as his “soulmate.” He discussed how she had an instant connection with Brandon and pondered if she had ever truly loved someone as much as she did for him in the essay.

Brandon and his girlfriend frequently take vacations to spend time together in private. He and Morgan recently traveled to a desert in August 2018 and spent some romantic time together.

The couple has not divulged their future plans. However, based on their chemistry, one can presume that has discovered something in Mitchell that he hasn’t found in his previous relationships.

A Husband and Father

Brandon, who is presently parenting his daughter, has a close relationship with his parents as well. Although Brandon’s father is no longer alive, he and Harper have wonderful memories of him. In an Instagram post uploaded on 28 July 2018, he noted that Harper frequently missed her grandfather, which Brandon could relate to as he is still reeling from his father’s loss.

However, Brandon still has his mother, who has been providing him with the strength to cope with his father’s untimely passing. He has been a dutiful son and frequently expresses his affection for his mother via social media posts. On 15 August 2018, he shared a photo with his mother, referring to her as his love.

Brandon is also raising a boxer, whom he regards to be his daughter’s sibling. Brandon, his mother, the boxer, and Harper form the ideal family.

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