Kirby Smart and His Wife Mary Beth Lycett; Their Happy Marriage and Their Children

Kirby Smart’s married life with Mary Beth Lycett is as prosperous as his successful coaching career. The couple will have been married for 15 years in 2022.

They’ve been married for fifteen years, not counting the time they dated before getting married in 2006. So, what is the couple’s secret recipe for maintaining their relationship?

Let’s go over the specifics of Kirby and Mary’s relationship.

How and When did they meet? Where are they Residing as a Couple? Do they have any Children?

Mary Beth Lycett is best known as the wife of Georgia Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart.She attended Morrow High School for her education. She, like her husband, was an athlete who used to play basketball there. She was even named to Georgia Basketball for her outstanding high school basketball career.

How did Kirby and Mary Beth meet? Mary met her future husband K. Smart during her college years. Both were very active in sports.

Mary was a college basketball player at the time of their meeting, and Kirby was a running back coach at the same university, the University of Georgia.

When did they tie the knot? Kirby and his love Mary married on July 15, 2006. The wedding took place at St. James United Methodist Church in Texas, USA.

The couple has been together for over 16 years. There was never any mention of the couples getting divorced, which could lead to divorce and the end of their relationship.

The couple understands each other and maintains a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives. This is one of the main reasons the couple has kept their relationship intact.

Another factor is their children. They are providing their children with the best possible life, both financially and emotionally.

Who are their Offspring?

Mary Beth and her husband, Kirby Smart, have three children: two sons and a daughter. The couple welcomed their first children, Juli and Weston, twins, on February 8, 2008.

Andrew Smart, their youngest son, was born on May 25, 2012.

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