Kenya Barris, the creator of ‘Blackish,’ Has a Wife and a Family! Meet Them!

While Kenya Barris, an American screenwriter, and producer, signs a $100 million agreement with Netflix, he leaves behind the ABC network and the much-loved comedy Blackish.

Kenya Barris has been blessed with a caring wife and six children that he adores, in addition to his expanding career worth. Here are a few details about his life and his transfer to Netflix.

Blessed with a wife and six children

Kenya spends his time away from the sets with his family, which includes his six children and his wife, whom he adores. Kenya not only has a creative and clever mind, but it also has a happy family life.

Keny has been married to the woman of his dreams, Dr. Rainbow Barris, whom he affectionately refers to as Bow. Kenya and Rainbow have been in a happy marriage for a long time.

Although it is unknown how the couple met, it has been alleged that they both graduated from the same university. Rainbow majored in biology, whilst Kenya majored in mass media arts.

It turns out that the couple chooses to keep their personal lives private to some extent. Although the actual dates of the wedding are unknown, other sources claim that the pair married on December 3, 1999.

Kenya and Rainbow’s relationship has been continuing strong for a long time, and they are already parents to six children. They are an eight-person family that looks after each other physically and morally.

Kenya and his wife are raising their children in an affluent neighborhood that is vastly different from the one in which he was nurtured as a child in South Los Angeles.

His “Black-ish” Insight Came From His Own Family

Kenya, with his family of eight, is doing well in his relationship with his wife and children while also flourishing in his work. Kenya, best known for his Emmy-nominated and Peabody Award-winning comedy Black-ish, has been named one of television’s highest-paid creators.

It turns out that the inspiration for Black-ish originated from his own family. The majority of the episodes and storylines concentrate around his wife and children, as well as his childhood.

Kenya revealed the secrets of his inventiveness with the series back in July 2017. He stated,

“The seed of the show came from my own family. I looked around and saw that my kids were not like little black kids that I remember growing up.”

Furthermore, he revealed that the majority of the storylines in the series were inspired by real-life experiences he and his writing team had, which could be related to by anyone in similar situations.
He had a precise idea of what being black was like as a child, complete with obligations, joys, and obstacles, but as time passes, his children define black with much broader ideals. For the previous generation of black people, the changes are both beautiful and frightening.

Well, he certainly has been able to add bits and pieces to the sitcom, but Kenya is now stepping down as the showrunner of black-ish, handing up the keys to producers Jonathan Groff and Kenny Smith for the forthcoming Season 5.

However, he is still listed as the show’s executive producer!

As of today, he has signed a three-year contract with Netflix, with an option for an additional two years worth over $100 million, which will undoubtedly enhance his net worth.