Keke Palmer’s Siblings Looked Up To Her For Inspiration – Here are the details!

“We’re celebrating our girl Keke’s golden birthday today, August 26,” Sara Haines revealed.

On the set of the discussion show GMA3: Strahan, Sara & Keke in 2019, actress Keke Palmer was accompanied by her parents, siblings, and friends.

Haines, one of the show’s original cast members, began by congratulating Palmer on her twenty-sixth birthday and then introduced Palmer’s parents to the crowd.

After that, host Haines said she had a “very important announcement” to make. “It’s official now. Keke has joined us as a new co-host “Haines stated. The crowd erupted in delight as she made her announcement, but the story didn’t end there. GMA3: Strahan & Sara has been rebranded to GMA3: Strahan, Sara & Keke, according to Haines.

Keke Palmer
Source: LA Times

Palmer’s face was lit up with a dazzling smile as the announcement was made.

Getting to Know Keke Palmer’s Brothers and Sisters

Sharon, Palmer’s mother, took the initiative and stated her delight “to be here,” adding, “we have another surprise for Keke.” “Some more” individuals were there at the show, according to her mother, to “wish happy birthday to you.”

The hosts of visitors on the set were joined by Palmer’s brother, Lawrence, and sister, Lawrencia, who happened to be twins, after she made her news. Palmer, commenting on the twin situation, joked,

My mother and I are twins. My father is a twin. They also had twins.

Palmer is seven years her senior compared to her siblings.

Sharon extolled Palmer, recalling how “Keke was always the helpful one” ever after the twins entered the picture. Palmer treated her brother and sister as if they were her children, “grabbing, holding, feeding, and taking care of them.”

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“What [is] she like as an older sister?” Hains asked the siblings, while the show’s other original co-host, Strahan, kept relatively quiet.

“She’s the coolest,” the siblings agreed. Lawrencia then remembered sending Palmer a text message on her birthday morning.

Lawrencia stated in her writing that her sister “will always be the coolest thing to me, no matter how old you become.” Palmer quickly responded, “I am really grateful for my family.”

The actress was wanting to be a culinary student during the show’s filming, and her siblings gave her an apron with the show’s name printed on it as a birthday present. A video message from Palmer’s best friend, Jessica, was aired on the broadcast, adding to the ongoing celebration.

Initially, it was claimed that Jessica would be unable to attend the concert, but Strahan shocked Jessica by inviting her best friend on stage. The sound of trumpets, saxophones, and drums played by the show’s live band added to the celebration. Palmer couldn’t hold back her tears after watching the affection Palmer received from her family and close friends, and she referred to Jessica as the “greatest friend I ever had.”

Another of Palmer’s siblings, older sister Loreal, was not present among her family members as all of this was going on her special day. Unfortunately, Loreal is the only member of the family whose whereabouts are unknown to the general public.

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