Katie Thurston Skydives With Boyfriend John Hersey On The Occasion Of Valentine’s Day!

Since splitting with her former fiance Blake Moynes in October 2021, Katie Thurston has been dating her boyfriend, John Hersey. This is the couple’s first reunion since filming The Bachelorette.

Thurston, on the other hand, is already having adventures with Hersey. She spent days running up to Valentine’s Day 2022 with her (relatively) new boyfriend doing just that.

For a rush of adrenaline, she flew around with Hersey

Katie Thurston Took a Risk with Boyfriend Thurston and Hersey both shared photos from their skydiving excursion on Instagram. Thurston shared a photo with Hersey and Victor Oraha, a skydiving instructor friend, on February 9. Straps, buckles, and other skydiving necessities were available to all three.

Thurston captioned the photo, “Just a bunch of crazy kids getting ready to jump off of a plane.” Hersey responded appropriately, writing in the comments, “Vaya con dios,” which literally translates to “Go with God.”

Hersey, too, posted a photo with Thurston wearing the same clothing on the same day. They were walking towards the camera, hand in hand. In the caption, he said, “Take the jump.” Then, on February 13, the Bachelorette star finally shared a video of their first jump together, captioning it, “Our first jump together!”

They were seen driving to the airport at the start of the footage. The scene then shifted to them seated on the plane moments before jumping out. Hersey was diving solo, while Oraha was tethered to Thurston. Then there’s the leap. Thurston appeared pleased throughout her time in the air, as viewed through the eyes of her boyfriend. Her landing was just as effortless as her flight.

“You little adrenaline junkie you,” Hersey said in the video’s comments section. “I blame you,” Thurston answered, hinting that she had caught the adventure bug from her partner.

Hersey’s Valentine’s Day Post by Katie Thurston

Thurston wrote a long, sweet piece on her relationship with her “every day Valentine” on Valentine’s Day after their experiences together.

“My heart danced in an unusual way.” Thurston began the poetic post with, “A packed room but felt like us two,” as she recounted how it felt to fall in love with him.

He had convinced her of the existence of cupid and love at first sight. Hersey had also re-energized her soul, “ignited” her universe, and re-united her. She gushed towards the end of her essay, “I can’t help but think we were always meant to be.”

She took a selfie with him for the photo. Blue skies, a bright sun, and a blue ocean as far as the eye could see provided the backdrop. It was one of the photos they had taken while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. The couple appears to be in love and have been together for a long time. But it’s only been a few months since they began dating.

Their journey began in March 2021, on her season of The Bachelorette. However, as the show’s second week arrived, she sent him home. Despite his early departure, he bore no resentment. They kept up their connection even though she was engaged to Blake Moynes. In October 2021, Thurston and Moynes called off their engagement and discontinued their romance. She had moved on from Hersey by the next month.

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