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Kathryn Dennis is an American reality television personality who rose to prominence after appearing on the Bravo reality show Southern Charm.

Kathryn Dennis is also a professional model, having appeared in publications such as Azalea magazine. Kathryn, who appeared on the reality show Southern Charm, became the talk of the town when she announced her engagement to Thomas Ravenel on the same show.

Two Accidents in a Row In 2019

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Kathryn Dennis was involved in two minor car accidents in the month of August 2019.

In the first accident, Kathryn was driving through Mount Pleasant, South Carolina on August 2nd when she hit a guardrail, sending her car out of control.

Despite hitting three trees and two light poles, the actress received no serious injuries in the accident.

In her second accident, she collided with other vehicles after a line of cars stopped in front of her in traffic on August 28th. The series of vehicle strikes, however, caused no human harm.

After being involved in two car accidents, Kathryn, who was apparently questioned about resuming her drinking habits, must have decided to become more cautious and conscious in order to avoid any future accidents.

The news of the Southern Charm actress’s accident has warned everyone, not just Kathryn, to drive carefully.

Kathryn Dennis Biography, Family, and Net Worth

Kathryn Dennis was born in South Carolina in 1991 and celebrates her birthday on August 6th every year. Furthermore, her birth date places her at the age of 28 in 2019.

Despite being born in South Carolina, she was raised on her family’s plantation in Berkeley County. She began her modeling career in Berkeley County when she was only 14 years old.

Moving on, Kathryn is a descendant of former United States Vice Presidents John Adams and Andrew Jackson. She is the granddaughter of state Senator Rembert C. Dennis of South Carolina.

In 2013, she studied Political Science and Women’s Studies at the University of South Carolina. She had originally planned to enter politics, but she later decided to pursue a modeling career. She has also appeared in magazines such as Azalea.

Kathryn, a Southern socialite and reality television star, made a fortune after establishing herself on TV shows and in modeling. Kathryn’s net worth is estimated to be $800,000 dollars.

Arrested Southern Charm star Kathryn was once in a relationship with Thomas Ravenel, a Republican politician from the Bravo TV reality show. From 2013 to 2015, the couple was in a relationship.

Thomas is thirty years Kathryn’s senior and has never married her. From 1995 to 1998, he was married to Mary Ryan Ravenel.

In Season 1 of the Bravo reality show, Kathryn was pregnant, and it was unclear whether Thomas or her friend Shep Rose was the father, but it was later revealed that Thomas was the father of a child.

Kathryn gave birth to a daughter named Kensington in 2014, followed by a son named St. Julien in 2015.

However, Kathryn and Thomas’s relationship, which began with a bang, did not end happily, as they decided to end their three-year relationship, which was followed by a custody battle for their children.

Concerning Thomas Ravenel, he was recently arrested after sexual assault allegations were made by his children’s nanny, Dawn Ledwell. Dawn described how he tried to force her kiss and sexually assaulted her while filing a police report in June 2018.

When the police began their investigation, they discovered that Dawn was not the only one who had been assaulted by Thomas. The police discovered other women who had been sexually abused by Thomas.

As a result, on September 11, 2019, the court found him guilty of third-degree assault and battery and fined him $500 to suspend his 30-day jail sentence. He will, however, be on probation instead of going to jail.

The Real Story Behind Thomas Ravenel’s Custody Battle
Kathryn Dennis, a reality star, was involved in lengthy court proceedings over custody of her two children with her ex-boyfriend, Thomas Ravenel.

Kathryn Dennis was barred from seeing her children too frequently during the court battle, which began in May 2016. She lost custody of her children after failing the court’s drug test.

Doctors discovered marijuana, amphetamine, and cocaine in her system during the drug test, and she spent some time in rehab before being released.

She began fighting for the judge of hiding medical records after treatment, but has accused custody of the children in 2016.

Following treatment, Kathryn accused Thomas of alienating the children from her and of keeping illegal substances in his home.

Kathryn successfully obtained joint custody of her child after two years of full custody to Thomas. She now picks up her children on Friday and spends three nights a week with them before dropping them off at Thomas.

Kathryn Dennis: Divorce Again?

Kathryn had found love again in Joseph Abruzzo, a Florida politician and Democratic member of the Florida House of Representatives.

Joseph even served in the Florida Senate until 2016. Joseph is now the Director of Government Relations for a Florida law firm.

Kathryn and Joseph first met at a Miami Dolphins game and began chatting. Soon after, the two began hanging out, and Kathryn explained that she hadn’t felt a connection with him in a long time.

The couple unexpectedly split up just as Kathryn’s fans were expecting her to take a step forward in her relationship. Kathryn and Joseph have kept the reason for their breakup private.

Similarly, Kathryn revealed on her Instagram account earlier this year that she was dating country singer Hunter Price. She first met Hunter in Nashville around New Year’s.

Kathryn and Hunter were frequently seen together and openly shared their relationship details by posing for photos on their respective Instagram handles.

However, Kathryn’s dating fortunes did not improve much as she and former America’s Got Talent contestant, Hunter Price, split in August 2019 after being in a relationship for seven months, according to People’s magazine.

Furthermore, her fans must be hoping that she will find a man who will be her partner for the rest of her life.

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