Kat Stickler’s Ex-Husband Mike Has Rebranded Their Youtube Channel After Their Split!

Kat Stickler and her ex-husband Michael Stickler, or Mike as he is most well known, announced their divorce via a TikTok video on March 18, 2021.

The former couple also had a daughter named MK, as well as a Mike and Kat Stickler social media influencer portfolio. Obviously, the couple’s relationship has changed since their divorce.

Fans of Mike and Kat have naturally began to ask, “What happened to Kat Stickler’s husband?”

The ex-husband has seized control of the YouTube channel as of this writing, and the couple appears to be doing their best to co-parent their daughter.

The YouTube Channel is being taken over by Mike Stickler

On May 23, 2021, Mike posted a video on their then-joint YouTube channel announcing his intention to take over the channel.

He thanked all of his followers and netizens in general for their support as he was going through a difficult moment in his life before making the announcement. He further claimed that he had never witnessed so many random acts of generosity.

He went on to say that the video was a courtesy call for all of the channel’s viewers so that they wouldn’t be surprised by the abrupt shift in course.

In all honesty, he said that assuming control of the YouTube channel was not a power play related to the divorce. It was a well-considered choice reached following a fruitful discussion between the two. Mike, it appears, was the one who was most enthusiastic about producing long-form content for the channel.

He also revealed that he had been working on programming for the relaunched channel since the breakup. He advised people to wait for the next video to find out what the actual material will be.

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A New Podcast Channel Has Launched

Mike followed through on his promise by posting a video the next day to give followers a taste of his revamped content and channel makeover.

The three-minute video claimed that the channel will be renamed “Take A Lap” and would offer podcasts featuring Mike and his team discussing topics such as life, mental health, and business, among other things.

The first podcast would be released on May 31, 2021, according to the video.

The Topic of the Podcast Is Taking a Break

Mike also posted the same video to his Instagram account after the YouTube release. The Instagram version, on the other hand, came with a descriptive caption.

He thanked his co-hosts, Rene Chavez and Carlos Gutierrez, for stepping up in the caption, saying he was proud of the endeavor.

He said that the podcast would be exactly what the name suggests after the typical shout-outs to his collaborators. It was all about taking a break to intellectually, emotionally, and physically refresh.

The curated material would mostly be about life and the things that people go through that they sometimes wish to keep to themselves or that they don’t hear enough about.

Mike has been busy co-parenting his daughter MK, as evidenced by all of his Instagram photos, aside from his new journey into the world of podcasts. He hasn’t yet entered the dating scene.

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