Kat Dennings: Married? ‘2 Broke Girls’ Addresses Fans’ Wedding

When Kat Dennings and her boyfriend Andrew W.K. were seen wearing wedding bands on their left-hand ring finger, fans assumed the two had married and become husband and wife.

Isn’t that a simple line of thought to follow? So, why is everyone wondering, “Is Kat Dennings married?”

The talk about the couple’s wedding, or as the internet dubbed it, the wedding ring theory, has been going on for almost a year.

Fans were more than happy to ship off W.K. as Dennings’ husband without the speculated husband or wife making an official statement on the matter.

However, they had only been a couple in the public eye for two weeks before announcing their engagement, and rumors about W.K. already being Dennings’ lawfully wedded husband followed a few months later. (Source: Dailymail)

If ever there was a whirlwind romance, this was it! Is Kat Dennings Married?

Dennings finally broke her silence on the wedding ring speculation after leaving fans to work out their own theories.

To cut a long story short, W.K. is not Dennings’ husband yet!

Ellen DeGeneres, the talk show host, took a shot at scratching the itch that had been bothering fans during a recent appearance on The Ellen Show.

When asked if she was going to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, Dennings revealed that she “accidentally got on purpose engaged” with her boyfriend before flashing her engagement ring.

Again, she wore another ring on the same finger — this time, a wedding band.

“How come he’s wearing a ring when you’re not married?” DeGeneres poked Dennings, who said she, too, was wearing a ring but wasn’t married yet.

It turned out that she and her boyfriend were simply wearing their wedding bands because they liked them.

We went shopping for wedding bands. ‘Why don’t we just wear them?’ we thought. What does it matter?’ That brings us to the end of the story.

Kat Dennings’ Pet Cat Approved of Her

Later in the same virtual interview, the 2 Broke Girls star explained how her pet cat, Millie, gave her a hint about him being the one.

“Andrew is the first and, thankfully, the last man Millie has ever loved,” she said. “She despises every other romantic person I’ve ever met.”

Millie once waited until an ex left the house overnight and peed on his pillow like it was her job.

Not only that, but the fact that W.K. and Millie got along was even more surprising because he was allergic to cats, but not all cats.

He’d “miraculously” not had any issues with Millie.

Dennings recalled how her pet cat once ignored her and ran right past her to be with her boyfriend.

Millie was apparently scratching at the bedroom door, and Dennings opened it thinking her little furbaby wanted to be with her mother, but she then completely ignored the actress to find her fiancé.

These days, the WandaVision actress and her fiancé have been showering fans with beautiful photos and tutorials on baking and wedding makeup.

The makeup videos are especially interesting because, unlike generic bridal makeup videos, Dennings’ videos feature the groom as the muse.

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