Kali Muscle’s Ex-Wife Has Reignited Their Past Dramatic Split With Her Latest Comments!

Kali Muscle is an American bodybuilder and actor most known for constructing his world-famous physique while serving a seven-year sentence for armed robbery at San Quentin prison.

Currently, the bodybuilder’s life is established and stable. He has, however, experienced his fair share of adversity in the past. Kali Muscle been through it all, from a difficult and traumatic background through a prison sentence and the dissolution of his marriage to ex-wife Dvyne Kirkendall.

Learn more about Kali Muscle’s marriage and contentious divorce from his ex-wife in the sections below.

Dvyne, Kali Muscle’s ex-wife, and he have split up. Kali Muscle married Dvyne Kirkendall, an author, singer, model, actress, and makeup brand owner, in 2016. They married in 2010 and had been dating since 2007. However, the couple divorced in 2016 after 9 years of togetherness and 6 years of marriage. People close to them were not surprised by their choice to split because everyone was aware of their dysfunctional relationship.

On October 16, 2016, the American bodybuilder posted a now-deleted video on YouTube, citing the reasons for the divorce. He claimed in the video that Dvyne was not financially responsible and did not put out any effort to acquire money.

He also revealed that she had a habit of stealing money from his bank account.

Dvyne occasionally adds to the drama surrounding her shattered marriage.

Dvyne Muscle, Kali Muscle’s ex-wife, continues to make comments about Kali and their failed marriage. Dvyne retweeted a story from January 10, 2020 on Twitter. The purpose of the article was to present people her side of the tale by using her own words.

She stated in the post that she backed Kali in everything, despite the fact that she had been duped and lied to. She went on to say that it was her encouragement that “made Kali the man he is today.”

She also addressed the monetary claims leveled against her by Kali, who accused her of stealing from his bank account. She explained that she comes from a wealthy family and runs her own company. And it is through that source that she maintains her opulent lifestyle, dressing in costly outfits and displaying them on social media.

Dvyne made a similar comment through a Twitter post on November 23, 2016.

Kali Muscle is married to Helena Vladis and has twin daughters.

Kali Muscle isn’t concerned about the raging drama his ex-wife causes on a regular basis since he’s too busy spending time with his second wife, Helena Vladis, and their twin children.

Helena and the bodybuilder have been together since late 2016, and the two secretly married a few years later. They also had twin kids on December 25, 2019, a son named Kali-Muscle and a daughter named Brooke-Taylor. The beautiful couple spends the most of their time together with their twin babies. They have a Hyphy Family YouTube channel where they upload family videos. Their photographs can also be accessed on Kali and Helena’s Instagram accounts.

Kali appears to have put his past behind him and is moving forward with his wife and twins, offering optimism and love, as he emphasizes in his channel’s opening video

Kali Muscle’s Net Worth 2022/2023

As of 2021, Kali Muscle’s net worth is projected to be about $5 million.

His numerous appearances in commercial commercials, television, and movies, as well as his YouTube channel revenue and sponsorship deals, account for the majority of his net worth.

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