Justin Lukach Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Career, Nationality

Justin Lukach has surprised his fans not only with an outstanding acting performance, but also with his excellent academic credentials. He works as both an actor and an engineer.

He rose to prominence as the host of the show Departure. Departure is an adventurous television series in which he travels to an infinite number of locations around the world with a high school friend and a cameraperson.

Biography of Justin Lukach

Justin, 38, was born on July 8, 1980, and celebrates his birthday every year on July 8. He was raised alongside his older sister, who is now married. Though Justin does not like to talk about his family, he has been seen on social media expressing his love for them.

He attended Sena College of Applied Arts and Technology for his education and graduated with a degree in Engineering and Fire Protection. He began working at engineering firms after graduation, just like Marty Lagina. But his career took a turn in 2007 when his best friend Scott Wilson called and asked him to star in the show Departure.

Who wouldn’t be enthralled by the prospect of traveling around the world? But it was not so simple for Justin. He was torn between his engineering career and a television career after his friends Scott Wilson and Andre Lupis asked him to join the cast. He eventually chose the television part for his career, which turned out to be a good thing.

As a result, he embarked on his adventure with his best friends in January 2007. During his three years on the show, Justin traveled to 30 countries, including Cambodia, Chile, Mongolia, and Northern Canada.

The team was initially afraid to explore new places, but with the passage of time and initial success, Justin and his team dared to visit places ranging from the most difficult to the most exotic. Papua New Guinea was the team’s favorite destination out of all the places they visited.

Justin founded his own company, Mountain Shadow Production, in January 2010 after leaving the Departure team. Since then, Justin has served as the production’s director.

Justin is a social person in addition to his shows and hectic life. According to his Instagram, he is very excited for Christmas, as he posted a picture on December 6, 2018, stating that everyone should enjoy the festival.

There is no doubt that a celebrity like Justin has a sizable net worth in addition to his fame. Though his net worth is unknown, Justin is thought to be worth around a million dollars.

Relationship Status: Single?

Justin is one of those celebrities who is open about his romantic relationships. According to wiki, his love life began in high school. Furthermore, prior to his celebrity, he lived in Hawaii with his girlfriend in 2008.

However, he responded on 5 October 2012 by tweeting that his girlfriend, Gisele, had gotten engaged to someone else after returning from a vacation. The surprising part was that Justin was the one who persuaded Gisele to quit her job and take the vacation. As a result, Justin and Gisele split up.

Nonetheless, the split was for the best because Justin was blessed with a new love in 2014. He began dating Lauren Lynch and legally married her by exchanging wedding vows.

Though the exact date of their wedding has yet to be revealed, it has been revealed that Justin and Lauren married at the John M.S. Lecky UBC Boathouse. As of today, the couple is enjoying their married life as husband and wife to the fullest.

They take vacations on a regular basis, and Justin even posts pictures of himself and his wife on Instagram. The married couple attended the Game of Thrones tour in Northern Ireland in September 2018.

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