Just After Some Months He Filed Divorce With His Wife: Jesse Williams’s Dating Affair With Another Girlfriend Is Public!

It is now official that we are dating!

Jesse Williams, star of “Grey’s Anatomy,” has made his relationship with Minka Kelly public, months after filing for divorce from his wife of 20 years.

According to a source close to the couple,

“They’re having a good time together,”

“They’re having a nice time together,” says the author.

For the time being, Jesse and Kelly are hard at work on a video game.

Back in May of this year, another insider revealed that they had been dating for quite sometime before that.

 “It’s been a few months, They’re legit.”

The two have kept their romance under wraps for the most part, although they were recently spotted out on a movie date on the 10th of this month, according to reports.

Due to the fact that they were in the process of divorcing, Jesse and his wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, a real estate broker, applied for joint custody of their children a couple of months ago. Their son Maceo, one, and daughter Sadie, three, are currently living with them as co-parents.

According to reports, Jesse’s ambition to be the single hot guy was the driving force behind their divorce.

“She poured money into this relationship and sacrificed her life for him, and now he wants to go out and be the hot single Hollywood guy. Jesse wants to . . . do whatever he thinks will make him a bigger star. He’s drinking his own Kool-Aid and it’s ‘the Jesse show.’ He’s dead f - - king wrong. He did not respect those vows. He wants to be single,”

Jesse, on the other hand, had his own tales to share.

“I was in a relationship 13 years, 13 real years, not 5 years, not 7 years — 13 years, All of a sudden motherf—ers are writing think-pieces that I somehow threw a 13-year relationship.”

He went on to describe how difficult the separation had been.

“Like, the most painful experience I’ve had in my life with a person I’ve loved with all of my heart — that I threw a person and my family in the trash because a girl I work with is cute,”

Regardless, everyone has gone on with their lives, and we would like to wish Jesse and Kelly all the best in the future, and hope that their love will blossom even more in the coming days.

Jesse Williams is an incredible actor who is most known for his role as Dr. Jackson Avery on the ABC medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy.” He is the son of Reginald Williams and Johanna Chase and the son of Reginald Williams and Johanna Chase.

He is multiracial, and during his victory speech at the BET Awards, he praised both of his parents, his father, who is African-American, and his mother, who is Swedish, for their contributions to his success.

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