Julie Delpy’s First TV Series ‘On the Verge’ focuses on four women in their late 40s trying to reinvent themselves!

Julie Delpy, an actress and filmmaker, has been directing films since the early 2000s. She is finally directing her first television series, some two decades after making her directorial debut.

The project, titled On the Verge, will be a drama-comedy about four women who are going through a midlife crisis and seeking to reinvent themselves. Delpy explained that she intended to write a story about women in their late 40s to highlight how women with children balanced their personal and professional life.

On the Verge will have both lighthearted comedy and emotional and deeper scenes centered on the individuals. Delpy wanted to incorporate the theme of motherhood into feminism, therefore the series includes failing romances and parenting.

Feminism, in my opinion, has failed to integrate the concept of motherhood. Many women, particularly in America, have had to choose between parenting and their careers. It’s difficult for a woman to continue working with children in this environment…

Incredibly Shot on the First and Second Pandemic Waves

Between the first and second waves of the epidemic, On the Verge was one of the few shows shot in Los Angeles. Shooting during such a tough period, however, presented numerous obstacles. For one thing, they couldn’t cast actors from outside of California, and there were no cameos.

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We used Zoom for 90% of the casting. On Zoom, it was a little tricky to get a feeling of the connection between two actors, let alone their height, but it all worked out in the end. The true issue was that due to travel limitations, I couldn’t cast performers who weren’t from California. Delpy, the cast, and the crew were tested three times a week to verify there were no COVID-19 cases during the filming process. No one was permitted to enter the set unless their test results were negative.

The COVID safety precautions cost around $2 million, and no coronavirus cases were found during manufacturing.

‘On the Verge’ Cast

Delpy plays a married French chef in the film (played by Mathieu Demy). Their marriage, on the other hand, is disintegrating as their tumultuous connection worsens. Sarah Jones is an actress who is best known for her roles in the films Marriage Story (2019) and The Incredibles (2019). Jessica James plays an heiress in the film Jessica James (2017).

Julie Delpy on the verge
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Alexia Landeau (Two Days in New York, 2012) and Elisabeth Shue (The Boys, 2019-2020) respectively play a single mother and a job seeker. Landeau also contributes as a co-writer, while Shue is the show’s executive producer. Michael Gentile, Lauraine Heftler, Olivier Gauriet, and Rola Bauer serve as executive producers on On the Verge.

The series will air on Canal+ in France, while Netflix will distribute it worldwide. On the Verge will consist of 12 episodes, each lasting half an hour.

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