Jessie Phoenix Jopling – Sam Taylor-Johnson’s Daughter And Ex-Husband Jay Jopling

Jessie Phoenix Jopling: “Love You More” director Sam Taylor-Johnson has four gorgeous daughters. Two of them are with her ex-husband, Jay Jopling, and the other two are with her current husband, Aaron Taylor-Johnson. One of Sam Taylor’s daughters is Jessie Phoenix Jopling. Johnson’s ex-husband, Jay Jopling, has a daughter with her.

Jessie’s older sister, Angelica Jopling, has two half-sisters, Wylda Rae Johnson and Romy Hero Johnson. All of Sam Taylor’s daughters Johnson live together in Los Angeles and have a tight friendship.

Jessie Has Got A Nice Bond With Her Stepfather

Despite the fact that “Nowhere Boy” star Aaron Taylor-Johnson is Jessie’s stepfather, the two have a terrific relationship. In numerous locales, the cute Taylor-Johnson and Jopling family may be seen having fun as a family. In one of these images, you can see how pleased Jessie Phoenix appears to be being held by her stepfather.

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Jessie Phoenix Jopling
Caption: Sam Taylor-Johnson’s daughter Jessie Phoenix Jopling with her stepfather Aaron and sister Angelica Source: WCI/Bauergriffin.

After a five-year cancer-free period, Sam Taylor-Johnson gave birth to Jessie in 2006. Sam makes it a point to be present at all of her daughters’ important occasions. Her children, Jessie Phoenix Jopling and Angelica Jopling, as well as her husband Aaron, were present when she received her OBE.

Every daughter, in Sam Taylor’s opinion, is equally valuable. Like Wylda and Romy, she also keeps her daughter Jessie out of the spotlight. Looking at photos of the adorable Jessie, it’s clear that Sam Taylor-Johnson is capable of creating not only amazing films, but also beautiful babies.

It’s not like the director doesn’t share photos of her two daughters on social media. She does so, but she ensures that their faces are obscured.

For the time being, Sam Taylor, Johnson’s 12-year-old daughter, is having fun. However, we’re confident that if she decides to pursue a career in the film industry in the future, Sam will fully support her daughter.

Jessie Phoenix Jopling- Name Meaning

Jessie is a surname from Scotland that means “wealthy.” It’s also a shortened form of the name “Jessica.”

Phoenix is derived from the Greek word phoenix, which literally means “dark red.” The Phoenix is a mythological bird that is enveloped in flames and reincarnates from its ashes.

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