Jerry Seinfeld: Appears to Be A Splendid Dad for His Daughter

Jerry Seinfeld and Jessica Seinfeld have three children: a daughter and two sons.

The actor and his wife are very close to their children and frequently post about them on social media. On numerous occasions, Seinfeld has discussed fatherhood and his relationship with his children.

In 2019, Seinfeld stated that he did not want to be one of those disapproving fathers. He also stated that he did not intimidate his daughter’s boyfriend for the same reason.

“I was determined not to be those fathers,” he said. “When I was a kid dating, you’d go to a girl’s house and the father would be so mean, and I didn’t want to be that guy,” she says.

Seinfeld went on to say that while he felt “possessive and protective,” he refused to be that kind of father.

Jerry and Sascha Seinfeld’s Daughter

While Seinfeld has remained in the public eye since starring in the iconic sitcom Seinfeld, he has kept his family private.

However, the comedian has revealed some information about his family. For example, in an interview with US Weekly in October 2018, Seinfeld revealed that his daughter was dating a man named Jack.

He explained that he and Jessica didn’t try to “over-parent” and were relaxed about their children dating. “I think we’re pretty chill. They must figure it out for themselves.”

Later, Seinfeld and his wife confirmed that Sascha was going to prom with Jack.

Jessica also shared a photo of her daughter and boyfriend dressed up for prom in June 2019.

“Prom night for Couple of the Year, Sascha and Jack,” she captioned the photo, which was accompanied by a heart and an arrow emoji.

Seinfeld and Jessica have also marked significant anniversaries in their daughter’s life. Jessica used a family photo with their dogs to write about her Sascha leaving for college.

Similarly, the actor and his partner threw a 1920s-themed party for Sascha’s 21st birthday.

“We have a 21-year-old son!” Jessica wrote on her Instagram Stories while uploading photos from the party.

Jerry Seinfeld Discusses Fatherhood

Seinfeld has spoken publicly about his views on fatherhood and parenting over the years.

Mr. Potter revealed that he gave his children more freedom than most other parents.

“I’m not really involved in their school matters. “I’m not involved in their social activities,” he explained. “I’m just always around them, you know, and I’m very good at drawing them out.”

Seinfeld went on to say that he thought it was good that children had their own lives that their parents were unaware of.

He also stated that allowing children to struggle was beneficial, referring to struggle as a gift.

Despite his laid-back approach to parenting, Seinfeld previously admitted that he was irritated with his daughter when he discovered her on the phone watching the Kardashians.

Seinfeld stated that he was offended by reality television and that he did not approve of his daughter watching the Kardashians because they were “not doing anything interesting.”

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