Jermaine Dupri’s Father Michael Mauldin Hooked up With Tamar Braxton – Learn The Details Here!

K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton had a fight in which Michelle accused Braxton of hooking up with a married man.

Tamar Braxton is known for her squabbles with celebrities. The storm erupted, however, when her frenemy K. Michelle revealed that Braxton was having an affair with a married music executive who was also the father of another prominent record producer.

Tamar Braxton And K. Michelle’s Feud

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When K. Michelle was creating a name for herself as a cast member on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, she leveled serious allegations of physical abuse on an ex-boyfriend. According to her, the abuse continued even after they broke up. Memphitz, a Jive Records A&R, has been identified as the anonymous abuser.

Tamar Braxton and K Michelle
Source: Rap Up

The court affirmed Michelle’s truth even though Memphitz rejected the claim. While all of this was going on, Braxton stated that she did not believe K. Memphitz and his wife were good friends of Michelle’s.

The ladies quickly became embroiled in a Twitter feud until K. Michelle filed a stop and desist against Braxton. The two artists’ dispute lasted for months until they surprised everyone by burying their differences and performing together at the 2015 BET Awards. However, all was for naught, since Braxton later stated that their truce did not imply friendship.

The Big Accusation

More shots were fired as we approached 2020. TS Madison asked Braxton if she would do a Verzus combat with Michelle in her Queens Supreme Court series, and she agreed. Braxton flatly rebuffed the notion.

Later, during an Instagram Live session, K. Michelle addressed the problem. She compared Braxton to a Muppet, a delicate remark that had previously made Braxton cry.

The singer then revealed her most damning revelation: Braxton has been having an affair with the music executive father of a record producer. Before making another bombshell charge regarding Braxton, K. Michelle acknowledged her affair with super-producer Jermaine Dupri’s father, Michael Mauldin. She said that Dupri’s mother assaulted Braxton in an elevator.

The Response

Braxton responded to K. Michelle’s charges against her via a YouTube Livestream with her then-boyfriend David Adefeso on July 19, 2020. She implied that she would not devote her time and efforts to gossip.

Tamar Braxton David Adefeso
Source: People

Adefeso expressed his sadness over the feud, implying that people should not be pulling each other down.

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