Jeanette Jenkins Relationships, Lesbian Relationships, And Family

In today’s fast-paced world, most people’s major concern is their health.

Jeanette Jenkins is a true fitness instructor who has some celebrity customers, including Alicia Keys, LL Cool J, and Serena Williams.

The health coach is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and adhering to the proper combination of exercise and diet. As the founder of Hollywood Trainer, she offers insight into the necessary components for a body to remain healthy.

Not only that, she is the author of The Hollywood Trainer’s Weight-Loss Plan and volunteers with non-profit groups such as Right to Play, Keep a Child Alive, and School on Wheels.

Wedding, Lesbian, Dating

As well as her physical appearance and fitness skills, Jeanette Jenkins is well-known for planning a lesbian wedding with her former client/girlfriend, Queen Latifah.

Jeanette was Queen’s trainer, which required them to spend most of their time together. In 2010, admirers spotted the two having personal time together during one of the training sessions held on Queen’s luxury yacht.

The images sparked a far larger debate over whether or not the two were dating. However, because neither of them spoke about it, the episode gradually faded away.

Later that year, in 2014, the trainer triggered another rumor by beginning a relationship with a much younger man named Johnny. According to rumors, the 22-year-old boyfriend moved in with the trainer at her Los Angeles home.

As of 2019, there is no substantial evidence of the boyfriend’s involvement. Additionally, Jeanette has not indicated that she is in a relationship and has no plans to marry in the near future.

Fans frequently inquire about the physical dimensions and food programs of their favorite fitness trainer.

As a fitness trainer, I frequently have conversations with clients about their body measurements, weight, and diet plans. Jeanette Jenkins, born in Canada on 18 September 1974, was no exception.

Jeanette maintains a healthy body weight on a rigorous food regimen while standing at an average height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65m).

Considered the healthiest member of her family, the 44-year-old fitness guru provides a little dose of intense exercise to every member of her household. As of 2019, she is developing a simpler technique of exercising that virtually everyone can do.

Information Regarding Net Worth 2022/2023

Jeanette Jenkins is not your typical fitness trainer, as she works with celebrities from the entertainment sector.

Additionally, she has a self-titled YouTube channel with over 23K subscribers. She frequently shares fitness videos and nutrition regimens on the video-sharing platform to help her maintain an ideal body figure and overall wellness.

Jeanette charges between $100 and $500 per session as a celebrity fitness person. With her YouTube profits, books, and other fitness sessions, Jeanette has amassed a very sizable net worth.

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