JC Caylen: Girlfriend Chelsey Amaro Are Back Together

JC Caylen and his girlfriend Chelsey Amaro, who split in December 2020, are reportedly back together.

On Valentine’s Day 2022, JC Caylen took to Instagram and shared photos of themselves celebrating the holiday together.

The famous YouTuber shared a series of photos of the couple that were apparently taken recently.

Caylen hugged Amaro from behind in the first slide, while holding a glass in one hand and taking a mirror selfie with her left.

They were also wearing birthday hats on their heads.

Amaro, who is also a social media star, dedicated another series of photos to her boyfriend, the first of which featured balloons with the words “I LOVE YOU.”

When Did JC Caylen and Chelsey Amaro Reconcile?

While many fans are overjoyed about the couple’s reunion, others are wondering when Caylen and Amaro actually got back together.

“When did you guys get back together?” a fan commented on Amaro’s post.

However, no information has been provided by the couple or their representatives as of this writing.

Despite this, the two were said to be on good terms even after their alleged breakup more than a year ago.

They even came together and collaborated on YouTube videos after their breakup.

In October 2021, they were seen together in Brian Terada’s video titled ‘Questions You Shouldn’t Ask Your Ex ft. Chelsey, JC, and David’.

Later, in December 2021, they teamed up and competed on Terada’s channel in the game ‘Which Couple Knows Each Other Best?’ against a celebrity couple, Crawford Collins and Nezza.

Breakup of JC Caylen and Chelsey Amaro

Caylen and Amaro shocked their fans when they announced their separation in 2020 after dating for more than two years.

Caylen, who has appeared in the YouTube series Reality House, expressed his sadness over the breakup with his girlfriend in a tweet.

He stated, “I can’t believe I have to tweet this, but Chelsey and I broke up. This has been going on for a while [sic].”

He also stated that they had blocked each other on social media because they didn’t want to know what the other was up to in order to make the breakup easier.

The news was difficult to accept for fans, who had long admired the couple as a power couple.

Fans are overjoyed that they have reunited.

Fans of the couple are overjoyed that their beloved couple is back together after a lengthy separation.

One fan expressed their joy by writing, “I’m trying not to cry because I adore this! I’m so happy for both of you, lovely people.”

“Your relationship is simply stunning… God bless you both, I adore you both “Someone else made a similar comment on Amaro’s post.

While writing, “where can I find a man like jc caylen,” a fangirl implied that she liked Caylen as a boyfriend.

Now that they’re together, let’s hope they understand each other and take their relationship to the next level.

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