Actor Jared Padalecki On The Transition from CW’s Successful Drama ‘Supernatural’ To New Drama ‘Walker’

Most CW shows are known for having supernatural elements and teen drama, but the network took a risk at the start of the year by recreating the long-running series Walker, Texas Ranger with Walker.

And, while there will be plenty of gunfights and horses, the temptation to outperform its predecessors is rising, especially because the original show was so popular that it was one of the top-rated shows on television for much of its run.

Jared Padalecki takes on the role of modern-day Cordell Walker. Walker, played by Padalecki, is a widowed father of two who returns to Austin after two years undercover to reconnect with his children while grieving the loss of his wife. The actor gives a new character his own spin, as he investigates the odd circumstances surrounding his wife’s death.

Padalecki, who played Sam Winchester on the long-running television show Supernatural, said he was ready for a change.

The Second Season of ‘Walker’

Within weeks of its premiere, the CW announced that 12 current shows, including Walker, had been renewed. Walker deserves to be renewed thus early, despite the fact that it is unusual for a network to do so. With 2.43 million people, it was the most watched series debut in five years.

On August 12, the season 1 finale aired, ending on a cliffhanger, exposing that the family is far from safe, even in their own house. The second season of The CW premieres on October 28.

Jared-Padalecki The Walker
Source: EW

Fans can expect many more seasons of Walker if the program is even half as successful as its predecessor.

Jared Padalecki on CW’s ‘Walker’

Padalecki, who also works as an executive producer on the 90s Western-themed series alongside Anna Fricke, Dan Lin, and Lindsey Liberatore, told Entertainment Weekly in an interview that he is eager to try something new.

Padalecki had long hair and utilized his talent to save lives for 15 years, but today he wears a cowboy hat and works as a Texas Ranger. The actor, who had intended to take a vacation from performing, consented to return when he learned that the series was being shot near Austin, where his wife and children resided.

Jared Padalecki The Walker
Source: San Antonio Express-News

When asked how Walker varied from his other character, Winchester, the actor explained that Walker was not just a parent and a widower but also reckless, unlike Winchester, who followed the rules. He also mentioned that he could relate to Walker better.

He added that his character, like him, was accustomed to his wife doing all of the hard lifting at home and that he relied on his wife to care for their children when he was gone filming Supernatural. In the series, Genevieve, the actor’s real-life wife, plays his suddenly murdered wife.

But, as different as the two characters he’s played, they both endured grief and loss. The only difference was that Walker used alcohol to deal with his feelings.

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