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Izabella Hamilton is the daughter of wave surfer, model, and photographer Laird Hamilton and big-wave surfer, Maria Souza.

Siblings of Izabella Hamilton

Izabella Hamilton is the only child of Laird and Maria, and she is their only child. Her father and stepmother gave her two half-siblings, though. Viola Hamilton and Reece Brody Jo Hamilton is the name of her two stepsisters. Her sisters and her get along well. She is often seen with her stepmother and her siblings.

Quick Facts

Full Name Izabella Hamilton
First Name Izabella
Last Name Hamilton
Date of Birth 1995
Profession Celebrity Kid
Father Name Laird Hamilton
Father Profession wave surfer and model
Mother Name Maria Souza
Mother Profession big-wave surfer
Gender Identity Female
Siblings Reece Viola Hamilton and Brody Jo Hamilton

Net Worth and Salary

As of 2021, Izabella Hamilton has a net worth of about $2 million.

Laird Hamilton is a professional surfer and a model

Izabella’s dad, Laird Hamilton, is a very good cum surfer. He was the first surfer to go all the way around the wave. He is a famous surfer who invented new ways to surf, such as tow surfing and foil boarding.

People think of him as the best surfer of all time because he always surfed waves that were 35 feet high and 30 miles per hour. Even though her father was a great surfer, he never went on the World Championship Tour of surfing because he didn’t want to compete.

Like Izabella’s father, who was a surfer, Laird was interested in modeling and acting. He has participated in various photoshoots, including one with actress Brooke Shields. He was in many movies, including “North Shore,” “Moving Target,” “The Descendants,” “Point Break,” and many others.

Why Her Parents Got Separated?

Parents of Izabella are no longer living together. Her parents got married in 1992, and three years later, Izabella joined their family. The marriage between her parents ended in 1995, the same year she was born.

There is no information about who has custody of Izabella now that her parents are no longer together. She is often seen with her father, but no one knows how she is with her mother. Many stories say that after her first marriage ended in divorce, she never got married again.

The ex-wife knows how to surf

Both of Izabella’s parents love surfing as much as she does. When Maria was 13, she learned to surf and fell in love with it. Since then, she has worked hard at this job. She was the first woman to surf in Peahi, Maui, which has dangerous waters.

Laird’s ex-wife knows how to do almost every type of surfing, such as tow-in surfing, foil surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, Hawaiian canoeing, tandem surfing stand-up paddle, and foil surfing. She is an expert in stand-up paddling, SUP Downwind, SUP surfing, SUP yoga, SUP racing, and large wave surfing in addition to surfing.

Second Married Of Father Of Izabella Hamilton

Izabella’s mother didn’t go to her second wedding, but her father did. He went with Gabrielle Reece, an American actress, volleyball player, and sports commentator. She is also a fashion model and a brand ambassador for Ebel Sportwave, Nike Sportswear, Dannon Light, eBags.com, and Pure Via, in addition to being a player.

Her father got married for the second time on November 30, 1997. The love story of Izabella’s parents was one of a kind. They met for the first time in 1995, when Reece was hosting the TV show “Extremists.” However, her father refused to be interviewed for the show. Even though they didn’t fall in love the first time they met, they started dating after Laird found out Reece was smart.

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