Is the Noel Fielding Controversy Merely a Storm in a Baking Tin?

Over the past few years, Noel Fielding, the well-known co-presenter of the adored program “The Great British Bake Off,” has been at the center of several controversies. Notably, his 2017 comment that “nobody likes a tubby goth” caused a lot of attention. It’s time to take a look back at some of the major occurrences that caused controversy as we approach 2023 and Matt Lucas’s retirement from the show.

Known for his unique sense of humor, Noel Fielding has been a crucial member of “The Great British Bake Off.” His path hasn’t been without its share of difficulties, though. This article explores the controversy surrounding Noel Fielding and highlights its importance in the television industry.

Summary of Noel Fielding controversy

Incident Outcome
“Tubby Goth” Statement Fielding’s clarification, lingering backlash
Accusations of Racism Criticisms during “Mexican Week”
Baked Alaska Meltdown Divided audience reactions
Controversial Impersonation Public backlash and Fielding’s apology
Complaints from Watchdog 37 complaints and Fielding’s subsequent apology
Allegations of Homophobic Jokes Deleted tweet and public apology from Fielding
Matt Lucas’s Departure Lucas leaving the show, speculation over reasons
Comparisons with James Corden Accusations of joke theft, Corden’s apology
Fielding Breaks Silence Fielding’s response post Lucas’ exit

The “Tubby Goth” Statement

When Fielding said in a 2017 interview with The Guardian, “No one likes a tubby goth,” it sparked an instant outcry. The show’s supporters, who support diversity, were especially offended. The issue persisted even after Fielding later stated on Twitter that his comments were made in jest.

Accusations of Racism

An American food reviewer accused Fielding and co-presenter Matt Lucas of “casual racism” the following year. This occurred during “Mexican Week” on the show, a period when racial issues were especially sensitive.

Baked Alaska Meltdown

The year 2019 saw the occurrence of the Baked Alaska meltdown. After his Baked Alaska dessert melted, Ian Watters’ memorable walkout went viral. Some viewers sympathized with him, but others held him responsible. The responses of Fielding and Lucas were also observed.

Controversial Impersonation

Fielding’s portrayal of the Swedish tennis legend Bjorn Borg in black attire signaled the start of 2020. He received harsh criticism for this performance, with many accusing him of being in blackface. Fielding apologized and quickly took down the post.

Complaints from Watchdog

Ofcom, the program’s watchdog, filed 37 complaints against the show in 2021 after Fielding made a lewd joke about a competitor named Peter. Following criticism that the remark was “sexually suggestive” and unsuitable for family audiences, Fielding issued an apology.

Allegations of Homophobic Jokes

Following the publication of a dubious tweet in 2022, Fielding was accused of encouraging homophobia. After receiving harsh criticism right after, Fielding removed the offending tweet and admitted to making a mistake.

Matt Lucas’s Departure

In 2023, Matt Lucas announced his departure from the program. Although there have been rumors that Fielding’s departure was brought on by controversy, Lucas has denied these rumors, maintaining their friendship.

Comparisons with James Corden

In yet another development this year, James Corden came under fire for allegedly ripping off a joke from Fielding from 2017. In the face of already bad news, Corden apologized to Fielding and said he regretted what he had done.

Noel Fielding Breaks His Silence

Fielding finally spoke when Lucas left, lamenting his loss but expressing hope for the future of the program. Fielding is dedicated to perfection and wants to build on the history of the show.


It has been an interesting ride for Noel Fielding on “The Great British Bake Off.” The show is still quite successful in spite of the controversy. It is obvious that controversy has shaped the show and Fielding’s public persona, for better or worse.

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