Is Tal Fishman’s Absence of a Dating Life Enough to Make Him Gay? This Is His Proclamation

As a result of pop culture’s influence in recent years, many children begin dating at an early age. However, some people remain single far past their adolescent years. Tal Fishman, a YouTuber, falls towards the latter kind.

Tal Fishman Submits to a Gay Test

On 27 November 2016, the 21-year-old uploaded a Gay Test video. He was seen in the video responding to a series of multiple-choice questions that ultimately determined his sexual orientation.

Although the film’s outcome categorized Tal as intermediately gay, he denied the test’s conclusions, stating that he had already said at the beginning of the video that he was straight.
Of course, Fishman’s dedicated female followers are not perplexed by his sexual orientation. Numerous fangirls aspire to make the Youtube star the man of their dreams.

Receives a Dating Proposal

Tal has been proposed to by a handful of insane admirers. One of them was a girl who goes by the moniker Schmitty on her YouTube channel. Following Tal’s roasting of a ‘flat earth’ believer in one of his uploads, she later posted a video in which she described their alleged love story while mocking Tal Fishman.

Schmitty claimed in the video that Tal expressed his love for her and stated that she was the one for him. Schmitty also asked Tal to give her plane tickets to America, where he could raise her. Tal, on the other hand, posted a video on 18 April 2016 indicating that the two were not dating.

The insane flat-earther is not the first person who has made romantic charges against Tal.

Tal posted a reply video to a girl who claimed to be in a relationship with him on 26 April 2016. The girl claimed in the initial video that she was in a three-month relationship with Tal. She also revealed that Tal had proposed to her. However, like Schmitty’s video, Tal refuted the video.

Is Tal in a Relationship?

Tal, the middle child of three siblings who include an older sister and a younger brother, had taken a few online tests to determine the appearance of his future partner. During one of the examinations, his hand was discovered to be that of his girlfriend, to which Tal expressed disdain. He was even forced to tweet to inform his supporters that his hand was not that of his girlfriend.

As of 2018, Tal has maintained a low profile when it comes to his dating life. Many followers have developed an interest in his sexuality as a result of his silence. Some believe he is a gay man attempting to come out, while others believe he is a straight man having a good time.

Tal is well-known for his online reaction videos. He manages the popular YouTube channel Reaction Time. “Selena Gomez Hands To Myself Reaction” is one of his most popular videos.

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