Is Pauly D Engaged? Rumors Of A Very Soon-To-Be-Wife His Girlfriend

We have no control over falling in love. You never know when or where you might fall in love with someone. Some people fall in love at first sight, while others fall in love after a period of time. However, Pauly D, an American television personality, fell in love with a reality show.

If you were a regular viewer of “Famously Single,” you’re probably familiar with the on-screen chemistry between various couples. However, did you enjoy Pauly D’s on-again, off-again romance with Aubrey O’Day? Are you aware that Pauly has sparked rumors that he is about to marry his girlfriend?

I Adore That The Reality Show Blossomed!

Pauly D found love thanks to the show “Famously Single,” which allowed eight single celebrities to work out their romantic problems. He met the thirty-two-year-old singer Aubrey O’Day on the show in late 2015, and the pair have been dating on and off since then.

Aubrey played an engagement prank on NBC Universal Summer Press Day in April 2016 by flaunting a massive diamond ring. The singer, who looked stunning in light blonde hair and a skintight silver gown, drew attention to herself with the engagement ring on her ring finger.

She then teased her followers by posting an Instagram photo of herself wearing the ring.

Later, she revealed the truth about the ring to E! News in an exclusive interview. She explained that it was a practical joke. Aubrey remarked-

Resulted in Marriage Rumors!

Pauly, who met his lover Aubrey on the reality show Famously Single, is slated to feature on the show, which will chronicle his trip down the aisle with his lover following a tumultuous relationship.

Now, the news of Pauly’s marriage may come as a surprise to those who suspected Pauly was gay and observed his bromance with Vinny Guadagnino on MTV’s Jersey Shore.
According to TMZ, the couple, who never publicly announced their engagement, will wed in front of cameras on a new reality show. According to TMZ-

“Sources close to the couple tell TMZ … Pauly and Aubrey have been filming a pilot for a new reality show.”

They persisted-

“As for the show … it’s about Pauly and Aubrey navigating a very rocky relationship. It’s set in Vegas, where Aubrey moved to be with Pauly. And this is interesting … the story line goes that they’ll be engaged by season’s end.”

While many of you may be overjoyed at the news of his marriage, it’s easy to forget that Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio is also the father of a daughter. In October 2013, Pauly’s one-night stand with Amanda Markert resulted in the birth of a daughter called Amabella Sophia.

Pauly was unaware of Amabella’s existence until she was a few months old. He revealed the first photos of his daughter on Twitter in January 2014.

Pauly’s relationship with his daughter is now quite murky, as he has ceased to utilize social media to express his love and affection for her, as he used to do. Pauly may be overjoyed at the prospect of the performance and their wedding.

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