Is Nathan Fielder Romancing with New Girlfriend Following His Wife’s Heartbreaking Divorce?

Nathan Fielder, a Canadian actor, and comedian was previously a happily married guy before becoming a celebrity. However, as he grew dragged into the spotlight, his relationship with his wife gradually deteriorated, and thus the inevitable occurred.

Nathan remained alone for years after being heartbroken, but it appears as though he has finally found someone worth the wait.

So, who is the mystery woman Nathan is dating following his divorce from his wife?

Additionally, discover about his divorce and professional facts such as his tours, stand-up career, and net worth!

Divorce From Wife Kept Secret, New Girlfriend

Nathan was previously married and devoted to his wife. Nathan previously married Sarah Ziolkowska.

Sarah was a children’s librarian, and the two met in Canada before Nathan became famous.

However, as he rose to fame in the entertainment world and became lost in Hollywood’s spotlight, Nathan got estranged from his wife, deteriorating their once-healthy relationship.

With no hope of redemption, Natham and his wife separated in 2014 but later filed for divorce on 16 April 2015 at the Los Angeles County Stanley Mosk Courthouse. Nathan, who first remained silent about the divorce, came up over a year later to speak about it.

Nathan acknowledged his regrets for the sad incident in a 2015 interview with AV Club, while also saying that it was surprising.

“I went through a divorce last year, and I didn’t know how to talk about it at first because it was so shocking. “Shocking” isn’t the right word, but it’s a heavy emotional thing. And even though it wasn’t an extreme situation, it was very—what’s the word, John, where two people are cool with everything? “Amicable”?”

Additionally, a heartbroken Nathan also made a comparison between his solitary life and cancer, stating that divorce was worse than the disease.

Nathan romanced a woman named Maci for the fourth season of his show Nathan For You following the divorce. The pair even sat together for some sweet screen time.
According to reports, Nathan is also dating someone off-screen but wants to keep their relationship private.

To be sure, until Nathan feels secure enough to discuss his personal life, there is no confirmation of his relationship status.

Stand-Up And Tours; Net Worth and Salary 2022/2023

Nathan Fielder was born in Vancouver, Canada. He is a writer, director, comedian, and producer. He is best known for his Comedy Central television series Nathan for You, which premiered in 2013.

Additionally, he has appeared in a variety of other television shows, including The Simpsons, Transparent, Bob’s Burgers, Rick and Morty, and This Hour Has 22 Minutes. His show How To with John Wilson, for which he serves as executive producer, premiered on HBO in October 2020.
Nathan, who is also a comedian, enjoys performing stand-up comedy and has demonstrated his wit on his titular show.

Additionally, he traverses the world, spreading his light-hearted quips.

Nathan, 38, has not given details about his planned tour or upcoming stand-up performance, but it appears as though he is preparing for a huge show in the coming days.

Additionally, Nathan has amassed a net worth of roughly $3 million through his comedy and acting careers, which, while little in comparison to other superstars, is sufficient to support him.

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