Is John Francis Daley A Gay Man? Do The Rumors Hold Water, Or Does He Have A Secret Girlfriend?

Though the multi-talented John Francis has spoken about his on-screen role in every odd interview, in reality, the actor has eschewed his private life, leaving him surrounded by gay rumors.

Is the actor merely interested in promoting his profession in the media by keeping his personal life private, or is he truly gay and has no plans to reveal his sexual orientation?

Claimed To Be Gay; Is He Truly Gay Or Is He Secretly Dating A Girl?

After collaborating with fellow co-writer, Jonathan Goldstein, on the comedy film “Horrible Bosses,” John Francis Day was struck by the hot rumor that he was gay. When John confined his personal life without revealing much about his relationship status, it added fuel to the fire. Several fan followers became suspicious of his sexual orientation because IMDB sites placed John Francis Day on their gay list.

Though the director did not identify his sexual orientation while discussing his working experience with Goldstein to, he did tell that his girlfriend is a close friend of Goldstein’s wife. He stated:

 “My girlfriend is friends with his wife, so it’s one big weird family.”

Similarly, the IMDB revealed that John’s fiancée was the key reason for Jonathan and John becoming a partnership. Although the name of his partner has never been divulged, the actor has repeatedly acknowledged having a girlfriend in his life. Back in 2012, John tweeted a series of tweets regarding his girlfriend’s emotions and habits.

There is also the possibility that he may remain in a live-in relationship with his girl but will not marry her. With so many ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ hanging in the air about his marital life, we’re pretty confident he’s not married or has a wife right now since he appears to be focusing on advancing his career. And if he were married, he’d undoubtedly share his joy with his fans!

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