Is Joe Namath Married After His Divorce From His Wife? Here’s The 75-Year-Olds Answer!

Joe Namath

Joe Namath’s talent has been evident since he was a child. Exceptionally gifted in sports, the Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback became the most outstanding American player of the 1960s and is still regarded as the face of the AFL today!

Despite his enormous success, the player is still dealing with a slew of unresolved issues in life and love. Namath, who was dumped by his wife, is still looking for the same fantastic love that he previously experienced.

Has the 75-year-old athlete found the one?

Namath Starts A Tragic Story After Being Dumped After Being Happily Married!
Joe Namath is the first player in NFL history to throw for 4000 yards in a single season. As a great footballer, he was beloved not only among fans and rookies but also among women.
Namath got the moniker “Broadway Joe” for his love of New York City’s nightlife and his excitement for indulging with girls.

Joe finally found the kind of love that swept him off his feet in the midst of all the splendor and girls. When he met Deborah Lynne Mays in 1983 while attending singing classes for the stage performance that he had so much enjoyed doing aside from football, he realized he had finally discovered the love of his life!
Soon after meeting Deborah, he married her, sealing the knot in 1984, and they had a wonderful married life together. Jessica and Olivia, the couple’s two daughters, were born simultaneously.

Joe was more interested in satisfying his wife and spending time with his girls at the moment than making a fortune from football.

But, despite their easygoing lifestyle, the couple ended their relationship with a tumultuous divorce. Their divorce was caused in part by Deborah’s dissatisfaction with how the relationship was progressing, and in part by Joe’s descent into alcoholism.

Deborah ended her fourteen-year marriage by saying:

“We have two beautiful daughters, but finally I had to tell Joe the marriage wasn’t working for me, I was bored. I’m in love with Brian. He’s different from Joe. He’s very sensitive.”

Is Joe Namath planning another marriage at the age of 75?

Joe was left with nothing after his ex-wife left him for a Beverley Hills plastic surgeon named Brian Novack. Dark days struck the footballer hard, sending him into deep despair.

But, as a result of it all, the NFL great was able to cope with his loss and grief, which led to even more outstanding achievements on the field.

After being inducted into the Hall of Fame, the footballer now devotes his time to playing, going on interviews, and authoring his autobiography, “Namath,” which was published in 2006.

Following his divorce, the former rookie was said to have had a few flings, with some of his official flings including Suzie Storm and Randi Oakes.

Even though he had romances with a couple of the prettiest girls in the celebrity world, Namath never considered marrying again until he was settled after his hiatus.

According to the Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania native’s statement to Playboy magazine:

At the age of 75, American football has moved on from a traumatic incident of a terrible divorce, a serious period of depression, and failed attempts to abstain from alcohol.

However, one thing is certain: he does not appear to be settled enough for another marriage any time soon!

Opens Up About A Difficult Period In Her Life

The legendary footballer opened out about the sad times in his life in his new book, All the Way: My Life in Four Quarters.

Joe recalled how far his alcohol addiction had taken him, to the point of death. He pondered on how he used his divorce as an excuse to drink himself to oblivion.

However, one occurrence altered the path of his life. An intoxicated Joe informed ESPN reporter Suzy Kolber during an interview that he wanted to kiss her. The outcry that erupted in the aftermath of the incident did not leave the Super Bowl MVP behind. His friends, family, and admirers were dissatisfied, and he retreated into self-reflection.

Joe went sober after the infamous episode and hasn’t had a drop of it since. He described the experience as a blessing in disguise while promoting his new book. His book also discussed the mental health concerns that ex-NFL players endure.

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