Is Ian Alexander Sr. Divorced With His Actress Wife in 2007 Due to Extra Marital Affair, And Is Nowhere to be Found!

Ian Alexander Srdecade-long .’s relationship with the goddess of the film Regina King came to an end. Apart from the extramarital affair, there were a few other issues that harmed the romance, but they resolved them for the sake of their child and rekindled a good friendship.

However, Ian Alexander Sr is unable to be found following the divorce.

Ian Alexander Sr.’s Married Life With Wife Was a Failure

Ian Alexander Sr. married American crime actress Regina King in a private ceremony in Jamaica on 23 April 1997. The pair dated for three months before marrying. The couple was blessed with the birth of a son called Ian Alexander, Jr., a year before their wedding.
Everything was going swimmingly for the pair until their marriage encountered a roadblock. The couple divorced in 2007 after nearly a decade of marriage.

His wife, Regina King, allegedly blamed their divorce on Ian Alexander’s reckless attitude toward the marriage. Additionally, she accused Ian of substance abuse, physical assault, and even having an extramarital affair.

Ian has been completely out of the public eye after his divorce from his long-term marriage. However, Ian announced in 2015 that he was dating a cool woman, but little else is known about this mystery woman.

 Who is Regina King’s Spouse?

Regina began dating Malcolm-Jamal Warner of The Cosby Show following her divorce. The couple dated for a few years before taking their relationship to the next level in 2013.

Regina appears to have maintained a rather busy career since then. She has not given up hope on love, however; she is open to relationships and having a partner. In a March 2015 interview with Wendy Williams, she stated,

Additionally, she mentioned that she was living alone at the time because her son was away at college.

Ian Alexander Jr., son

In reference to her son Ian Alexander, Jr., he was born on 19 January 1996 and is named after his father. He is currently 25 years old. He bears a striking resemblance to Alexander Sr.

While Ian and Regina’s marriage failed, they reconciled and formed a relationship for the sake of their son. The mother of one had a conversation with her ex-husband during which she stated;

Initially, numerous complications and challenges arose, but their love for their son compelled them to resolve them, and the two developed a great connection.

Regina owes her success to her parents, who made her understand she was repeating their mistakes; her parents split when she was eight, resulting in the breakdown of her connection with her father. Regina was determined that the same thing would not happen to her son Ian Alexander Jr.

Today, as a result of his parents’ collaborative efforts, he has developed into a great young man.

Following in his mother’s footsteps, he entered the world’s largest film industry. He made his television debut in 2016 with the television film ‘The Snowy Day.’

He usually joins his mother on the red carpet, and it’s been a decade since he attended receptions, premieres, or the NAACP Awards.

For instance, Regina King accompanied her son Ian Alexander Jr. to the 2019 Golden Globes.

On the Globes red carpet, the 24-year-old lauded Regina, referring to her as a supermom.’ As part of the Times’s Up campaign, he expressed how much he appreciates equality in the industry.

Regina is certainly demonstrating the ropes of the award show to his son.

Ian Alexander Sr. Bio

Ian Alexander Sr. was born in Canada on April 8, 1956. He is 64 years old and of mixed ethnic origin. He is an actor who has appeared in films such as Masters of Horror, The Chris Isaak Show, and Animal Miracles.

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