Is David Mendenhall Married? Here’s All You Need To Know About His Wife, Family, and more!

David Mendenhall began his career in the entertainment world as a kid performer. His transformation from a toddler to an adult has been documented by the business. And, as of now, he is the industry’s celebrity, thanks to his unmatched efforts and multiple film credits.

Throughout his nearly three-decade career, he has played a variety of pivotal roles, from son to husband and parent. However, he has never been seen in public with a female.

As a result of maintaining a low profile in real life, he has not spoken about his wife or his marital life. Dive into his biography to learn about his marriage and family.

Married on-screen…In Real Life?

David Mendenhall, Sylvester Stallone’s young son in Over the Top, is no younger than he was at the time, yet he remains the dashing and heart-throbbing performer.

David, age 47, who continues to captivate female attention with his single look, has yet to commit to marriage. Though he has not shown a desire in marriage, he does appear to be involved in the on-screen romance in 2011’s thriller God Bless America.

He played Mr.Harmon in the film, and his character is married to actress Andrea Haper, who played Mrs.Harmon. While he is not yet ready to brag about his married life in public, he and his wife are the parents of Tara Lynne Barr’s gorgeous daughter Roxanne “Roxy” Harmon in the film.

His silence on his love life undoubtedly fuels the LGBT notion, although he has made no mention of it.

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Family-Sister Actress; Career Includes a Generous Net Worth

Since he was four years old, he has been in commercials. And his future in the acting profession was decided at a young age since, by the time he reached his twenties, he had amassed over 150 advertisements.

He also appears in 1987’s action feature film Over the Top as Sylvester Stallone’s son.

David Mendenhall was born on 13 June 1971 in San Diego, California, alongside his actress sister Marissa.

He has been a fan of television series and films since a young age. He made his television debut in 1979 as Mike Webber in the soap opera General Hospital, which he starred in until 1986.

With his critically acclaimed roles and performances, he quickly made his way to the big screen.

Additionally, he lost his father James Mendenhall to illness in 1990, altering his path toward obtaining a higher degree. As a result, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Cinema-Television from the University of Southern California in 1998.

He then earned his Juris Doctor degree from Southwestern University School of Law in 2001.

The gifted actor subsequently shifted his career focus to that of a lawyer and a writer. He has amassed a net worth of $500 thousand as a result of his extraordinary labor.

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