Is Billy Gilman Getting Married? Boyfriend Moments Scream Yes!

Billy Gilman has found it difficult to recreate his early popularity as one of the most successful and popular children’s singing sensations. However, the singer, who is blessed with a wonderful voice, is not given up just yet.

Billy Gilman has had to face a major storm over his sexuality while still in his early career days, in addition to his job struggles. He has had to deal with some strange outcomes as a result of openly declaring himself to be gay. His emotional state, on the other hand, stays unchanged, thanks to his boyfriend’s unwavering support at every step of the road.

Billy, who is in a happy relationship with his boyfriend, has found the extra incentive he needs to restart his career. And with such a seamless relationship, everyone can’t help but wonder when the couple will tie the knot!

Was Threatened With Exposing His Gay Sexuality; Dating Partner Throughout

Billy Gilman, 30, has experienced some spectacular highs and lows in his very short career. The low point of his career came in 2014 when he was blackmailed by a reporter who threatened to expose his sexuality. Troubled by persistent blackmail, the musician decided in November 2014 to come out openly about his sexuality. Billy revealed his sexual inclinations on YouTube on the same day that fellow country musician Ty Herndon claimed to be gay.

Despite the anxiety that the One Voice singer expressed in his coming-out video that the music industry would reject him, he has always had the support of his partner Chris Meyer. The couple began dating on June 1, 2014, and have been inseparable since.
Billy has gone on to be a finalist on season 11 of the reality singing show The Voice since coming out as openly gay. And, with his engineer partner by his side, a once-dying singing career appears to be reviving one step at a time.

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Husband-to-be? The Happily Married Couple Could Get Married Soon

Billy Gilman and his partner Chris, who are inseparable and completely in love, have identified themselves as ‘couple goals’ for people to emulate. With the duo’s fearlessness in expressing their love for one other in interviews and social media posts, they have created a slew of ‘aww’ moments during their relationship tenure.

In a 2015 interview with Out and About Nashville, the former Grammy-nominated country musician expressed his affection for his coworker, Billy and Chris, who describe themselves as “partners in crime for life,” are thus exhibiting every sign of marriage.

While there has been no word on their marriage, it wouldn’t be surprising if the announcement comes soon, as the couple approaches the four-year mark.

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