Is Ben Hardy Dating Jessica Plummer?

In recent years, several books have been converted into films and television series. Most fantasy series, including Harry Potter, Twilight, and Percy Jackson, were adapted in the 2000s and 2010s.

Action and psychological thrillers like Gone Girl, Dune, Behind Her Eyes, and The Girl on the Train, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, a slew of production firms and streaming providers are lining up to adapt such books into TV series.

In this manner, BBC One and HBO Max have just partnered to adapt J.P. Delaney’s acclaimed novel The Girl Before into a four-episode television series.

Ben Hardy- Relationship Status

Fans spotted Hardy and Plummer at Jade Bird’s London concert on August 19, 2021, according to The Sun. The duo looks to have gotten closer since June.

After they began filming for The Girl Before, their on-screen romance spilled over into real life. They started like one other’s Instagram photos and spending time together away from the computer screen.

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It’s unclear whether the couple is exclusive to one another. After all, this is Hardy’s and Plummer’s first collaboration. They were both cast members of EastEnders in the past, although they never shared any screen time.

Ben Hardy’s previous relationships

For Hardy, Olivia Cooke was “the girl before” Plummer. Because they couldn’t make their relationship work, Hardy and Cooke called it quits in early 2021. They were smitten with one other at first, but the attraction waned as time passed. As a result, the couple separated and focused on their professions instead of their romance.

Plummer, on the other hand, was married to her childhood sweetheart, Jaz Hutchins, for a long time. Plummer and his girlfriend began dating when he was 14 years old and remained together for a long time.

When she was 23, she found out she was pregnant with his child. She had no idea she could conceive naturally due to polycystic ovarian condition, thus the pregnancy came as a complete shock to her (PCOS).

Regardless, she gave birth to a girl called Noa in 2016 and became a mommy. Hutchins and the actress have since divorced, but they still share custody of their child.

While Plummer and Hutchins have remained good friends, in January 2021, a video of them arguing in public surfaced. When the brawl started in September 2020, the two were walking along Streatham Hill in South London.

Plummer defended herself by stating that she was only a human being with the right to experience feelings. Similarly, she was unconcerned about public perception and never questioned herself for acting normally. Regardless of their differences, the actress declared that she will always love her ex-husband and that they will remain friends for their daughter’s sake.

The film ‘The Girl Before’ is based on the novel ‘The Girl Before.’

Jane is the main character in the series, and she moves into an ultra-modern home constructed by an enigmatic architect. She must, however, follow his strict set of rules in order to stay.

Jane rapidly realizes how the house has an unexpected influence on her, but she is forced to confront troubling comparisons when she discovers a stunning discovery about her predecessor, Emma.

Ben Hardy joined the cast of the series, which also includes Jessica Plummer, David Oyelowo, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, on March 23, 2021, according to Variety.

ben hardy and jessica plummer
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Jane will be played by Mbatha-Raw, Oyelowo will play the mystery architect, Plummer will play Emma, and Emma’s love interest, Simon, will be played by Hardy. Ben Hardy and Plummer appear to have established a romantic connection off-screen, just like their on-screen counterparts.

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