Inside The Relationship Of Weslie Fowler and Her Adoptive Father Stephen Boss!

Allison Holker, Weslie Fowler’s renowned mother, began dating freestyle hip hop performer Stephen Boss, better known as tWitch, in 2010 when Weslie was barely two years old.

Weslie Fowler had already broken up with Fowler’s biological father and her ex-fiancé at the time. She wanted her daughter to develop a meaningful bond with Boss because of her new serious relationship with him.

As a result, the couple made every effort to keep their relationship as normal as possible, one step at a time.

Private Dates and Patience

During an interview with TODAY Parents in August 2020, Holker and Boss discussed how they parented Fowler and made things simple. The first move they took, in their own words, was to take things slowly. They didn’t want to force Fowler to build a bond with her new father figure because they were afraid the transition would overwhelm her.

As a result, Boss didn’t hang out with Fowler immediately away when they first started dating. Instead, he waited around six months before seeing her.

They wanted her to get to know Boss and realize that this was going to be a long-term relationship. So The Ellen DeGeneres Show DJ and co-host began developing personal experiences with Fowler for that precise reason. He took her out on special dates, giving them ample space and time to get to know each other.

Their friendship deepened over time, culminating in a particular bond that went beyond that of a biological father and daughter. After marrying Holker in Paso Robles, California, on December 10, 2013, Boss legally adopted Fowler.

The Relationship Between Weslie Fowler and Her Siblings

Fowler now has a father and two gorgeous younger siblings, Maddox and Zaia, thanks to his blended family. As seen by her social media posts, the Instagram celebrity, who has a 100K following, has a special affinity with each of them.

Fowler, who is fairly sophisticated for her age, realizes the difficulties her siblings will face in the near future as a result of their black heritage.

In an interview with E! News in May 2021, the teen stated that her life experiences would be different from those of her siblings. Unlike her siblings, she acknowledged her original mother and father and stated that she was white.#

She then discussed the injustices of racism and declared that she would protect her brother and sister even if she herself was not subjected to such hostility.

Given that her parents openly address difficult matters with her, Fowler’s intelligent comments on heavy topics like race and societal challenges aren’t surprising. They want her to be well-informed and prepared to handle any challenging scenario. Fowler is at ease in her own skin, thanks to her parents, and dreams of starting a clothing company.

She aspires to be an influencer, which seems doable considering her unabashed demeanor, which has already garnered her many fans.

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