Inside the Relationship of Mark Normand and His Girlfriend Mae Planert!

Mark Normand has been performing stand-up comedy for more than 15 years and is well-known among comedy fans.

He’s established himself as a successful comic at 37, but he’s not the only one in his circle who works in the industry. His partner Mae Planert, like him, is a stand-up comedian, and the two have been together for a long time.

His stuff is frequently seen as new by both comics and viewers. His genre-defying gags even sparked LGBT rumors at one point, as the comedian frequently joked about being “a little queer.” His relationship with his partner, on the other hand, puts those rumors to rest.

Here’s a glimpse at how he feels about Planert.

Mark Normand and Mae Planert met during His Show

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Since roughly 2015, Normand and Planert have been dating. During her visit as a guest on the podcast A Relationship Story, she told the story of how she met Normand. When they agreed to go to Normand’s show, Planert disclosed she was on a date with another guy. She told her roommate after the date that she was still thinking about Normand and was given the recommendation to message the comedian.

So I sent him a Facebook message. And at the time, one of his gags was that he was so awkward that whenever he made eye contact with a woman, he assumed they were in love. ‘We had eye contact more than once, so I assume we’re in love now,’ I said.

Following the first communication, the two got in touch and began dating.

Mae Planert’s Comedy Journey

Planert wasn’t a comedian when the two started dating. She didn’t get into it till later. She was first hesitant to declare her interest because she feared that if she succeeded, it would be attributed to her having a famous comedian boyfriend. I was adamant about not doing what he was doing. For obvious reasons, you know. I really wanted to do my own thing, so I tried to get around it by doing other creative things… Actually, I took an improv class that was a complete flop. I despised it. I despised it so much.

Planert didn’t ask Normand for assistance and even kept her comedy career a secret from him. In fact, he only found out she was doing stand-up comedy six months after she started when they were both booked for the same performance.

Mark Normand and Mae Planert on Dating and Comedy

Planert and Normand are both comedians, although they rarely discuss comedy with one another. She stated that since they both do comedy for a job, it was best to keep it out of their relationship. Because she didn’t ask for his aid and isn’t affected by him much in this area, doing so has also helped Planert discover her own style.

She also pointed out that, despite the fact that they were both talking about the same event, they had completely different ways of expressing it.

Their decision to keep their comedy professions apart from their relationship has paid off, since they routinely post about each other on social media. It’s unclear whether the two want to marry, but they appear to be enjoying each other’s company anyway.

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