Inside The Relationship of Andi Dorfman And Her New Boyfriend Blaine Hart!

Andi Dorfman began the year 2022 with a major announcement for her followers. Dorfman ultimately disclosed her new lover at the start of the year, after a month of secrecy and teasing.

Her new partner, Blaine Hart, was not, however, a complete stranger in her life, as she subsequently discovered.

Andi Dorfman and Her New Boyfriend

On November 10, 2021, Dorfman teased her present relationship for the first time. She shared a sweet selfie of her and her hubby hugging. Hart was wearing a baseball cap with the Atlanta Braves’ logo on it, but his face was turned away.

People began their deductions in the comment section of the post. Based on her stories that day, someone assumed it was model Robby Hayes. Another person chimed up with a guess, asking if she was hugging Blake Moynes.

Regrettably, they had to wait over a month for a response. Dorfman had been seeing her lover for “a few months,” according to a source close to her at the time.

According to the insider, they were made for each other and she was the happiness she’d ever been with him. She, on the other hand, preferred to keep their relationship status a secret for the time being. As the year 2021 drew to a close, Dorfman changed her mind.

On December 31, she finally shared a photo in which Hart’s face could be seen. Dorfman captioned the photo, “By far my favorite item from 2021.” As he drew her closer, Hart was leaning in for a kiss with Dorfman. She then made a complete face reveal the next day.

She shared another shot with Hart on January 1, 2022. In the caption, she revealed her prediction for 2022, which she believes would be her finest year yet. Perhaps she was alluding to her newfound love and dating prospects.

On New Year’s Eve 2022, Andi Dorfman is seen with her lover Blaine Hart. E! News then released a few more exclusive details about the relationship. When they met in mid-2021, they were not strangers.

They met in college in South Carolina and became fast friends. It’s unclear if they were dating at the time, but they eventually split up. When Dorfman and her current boyfriend were both in Italy in the summer of 2021, they reconnected. From then, things went off, and they’re now head over heels in love.

Andi Dorfman on Blaine Hart’s Relationship

Dorfman opened up about her connection with her new partner in an interview with US Weekly at Sports Illustrated The Party x Palm Tree Crew. She explained that she made their relationship public because she had finally met someone she “wanted everyone to know about.”

Although it may sound corny, the reality star stated that she wanted everyone to know how happy she was in love. The good reception she received from her fans and following only inspired her to open up more about her relationship in public.

Dorfman also discussed her engagement plans with her fiance during the same interview. She pledged that if she ever got engaged, she would notify the public, but only after alerting her parents.

Andi Dorfman’s Past Relationships

Dorfman’s dating history is well-documented as a Bachelorette alum. In 2014, she was linked to Juan Pablo Galavis, a previous competitor on The Bachelor. In his season of The Bachelor, the reality star was a contestant. She eventually had to withdraw from the tournament. On The Bachelorette later that year, she had a second chance at love. Dorfman was engaged to Josh Murray, the show’s champion from her season.

Even though their time together appeared to be ideal on camera, their relationship began to reveal fractures only after the show concluded. They broke up their engagement in January 2015 after her Fantasy Suite date with Nick Viall, the runner-up in her Bachelorette season.

Dorfman said Murray was emotionally abusive to her in her memoir It’s Not OK. She even called it the worst relationship she’d ever had. After the two were photographed running together in LA in 2020, she was linked to Viall. However, he quickly debunked such claims, insisting that they were only friends, not boyfriend and girlfriend.

For the time being, after failing to find love on television, Dorfman appears to have found her man outside of the entertainment industry. Her lover, in fact, is unconcerned with her experience with the franchise. “He didn’t watch her on The Bachelorette,” a source close to the situation told E! News.

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