Inside The Life Of Weston Koury: Is He Dating A Girlfriend?

Wes10 in Minecraft is the best-known alias of YouTuber and streamer Weston Koury, also known as Just Weston. He has more than 323K Twitch followers and 1.1M Instagram followers.

Weston Koury also runs the Sinjin Drowning YouTube channel. Nearly 80 million people have viewed it as of 2021, and it has amused over 400k subscribers. He also has a second YouTube channel under his name, which has fewer than 700,000 subscribers.

Learn more about the gamer’s personal and professional life, his rise to fame on Twitch and Youtube, whether he has a partner, and some other information about his gaming activities.

Koury, Weston is a North Carolina native.

Born on January 7, 2002, Koury. His mother hasn’t been brought up yet, but according to certain accounts, his father’s name is Flake. Weston has a 1/4 Lebanese ethnicity.

Kalynn Koury, Weston’s older sister, is also a Koury. He was accompanied in the 2021 EpicSMP by his sister. Kalynn and Weston frequently collaborate in Minecraft and on YouTube.

Koury is a North Carolina native. Sep 2020 marked his high school graduation. Weston lives in New York with his family.

Koury, Weston Once on Tinder, he right-swiped his sister’s profile.

On Tinder in November 2018, Koury unintentionally paired his sister. Additionally, their amusing exchange quickly became popular on social media. On the dating app, Weston discovered his sister Kalynn and swiped right on her profile.

Weston acknowledges that he had in the past swiped right on Kalynn’s picture.

Weston Koury and Kalynn Koury in September 2019.

Interestingly, his sister likewise gave him a swipe to the right, and before they knew it, their profiles were identical. They then started texting one another after that.

Weston posted a screenshot of the discussion on Twitter once Koury and Kalynn realized who they were speaking to. The caption for the picture said,

“Just connected on Tinder with my sister. I want to be put in an electric chair, please.

Later, Kalynn questioned her brother’s use of the app given that he was under the age of 18.

Weston Koury, a Twitch streamer, swiped right on his sister’s tinder profile.

Weston Koury shared their Tinder conversation with his sister.

The older sister also threatened to have her brother face punishment and notify their mother about what had happened. With more than 600 retweets and more than 6,000 likes, Weston Kourey’s tweet attracted a lot of attention.

YouTube sensation Charles Sexted Weston

Early in 2021, James Charles, a beauty YouTuber, stirred up quite a stir when his 2017 inappropriate hidden communications with a few juvenile males were revived online.

In addition, there were other articles alleging that in the late 2010s, beauty YouTuber James Charles sent them explicit messages.

James Charles acknowledged that he had sent certain kids, including Weston Kour, indecent texts.

In addition to other minors, Twitch streamer Weston Koury received explicit messages from James Charles in 2017.

The makeup artist/influencer allegedly asked then-15-year-old Weston Koury if Koury shaved his legs during one of their text conversations. Charles was an adolescent at the time, though he was a little older than Weston. He was 17 at the time. Back then, the twitch streamer had not yet gained popularity.

Charles as a result lost one job with YouTube. Variety announced in April 2021 that the YouTuber would not be returning for season 2 of Instant Influencer, the YouTube Red program Charles had previously been the face of, as a result of the charges.

Charles later acknowledged having sent and received explicit communications from boys who claimed to be younger than 18. The now-22-year-old apologized as well. In a video titled “keeping myself accountable,” Charles apologized.

Has Weston Koury Dated Anyone?

Weston shocked his Instagram fans in December 2018 when he shared a photo of him appearing to kiss a blonde girl. However, her face was completely hidden by her hair.

The Minecraft fan remained anonymous and did not attempt to give her name. He did, however, add a red heart sticker to the image’s text.

With his claimed girlfriend, Weston Korey, in December 2018.

Weston Koury once uploaded a photo of what appeared to be him kissing an unnamed girl.

After making the previous posting, the online gamer published a new image of a female who closely resembled her. However, she was once again disguised and enigmatic thanks to her hair, this time as well. On the other hand, it was inscribed, “My Girl.”

By the year 2022, Weston would only have referenced the two pictures while speaking about his romantic relationships. After that, the unknown female stopped showing up on the Sandbox video game enthusiast’s Instagram pages, and she hasn’t turned up since.

The question of whether she is still his girlfriend and whether his attendants in the sky ever learned who she was remains unanswered.

In addition, the adolescent appears to be focused on his Twitch and YouTube careers for the time being. That stated, it is quite likely that he has a partner.

What is known, though, is that Erin was the first woman he ever dated. He acknowledged on his podcast that when he was in kindergarten, he had a crush on Claire.

EpicSMP Weston Koury Stats for 2021

Andre, Weston’s virtual cat, perished on the opening day of Minecraft 2021’s Epic Survival Multiplayer mode at the hands of Twomad. Weston rose to the top of the Twitter trending gamers list on the first day of the Epic Survival Multiplayer mode.

North Carolina-born Twitch streamer Weston Koury was born and raised.

Girl Meets World, his dog, vanished without a trace. However, he returned after beating Darkiplier, Markiplier2000’s evil alters ego.

The necklace is the name of Koury’s horse. Weston, who is now 20 years old, had first suggested the name to Fitz for his pet dog. He refused the name, though.

Along with Jacksfilms, Weston forged an “alliance” with AlsoJakob. However, they agreed to work together under the condition that whoever saw Jakob first between Jack and Weston would kill him.

The North Carolina native altered his skin to one that was strikingly similar to CrankGameplays’ notorious maid attire skin after a few days of playing Minecraft, the Survival Multiplayer.

His Dream SMP: Who Is He?

Weston is a tremendous fan of Finn Wolfhard, who plays Weston on Stranger Things, and he even wants the actor to participate in his gaming activities. On the server, Wes10 once even constructed a “Finn Wolfhard” coffee shop. He is said to have done so in the hope that Finn will one day pay a visit. Some people think he is their ideal SMP.

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