Inside The Life Of Kayleigh Swenson: Untold Facts About Erin Hillsman’s Daughter

Kayleigh Swenson is a recording artist, fitness model, musician, and composer who also goes by the moniker Viking Barbie. Additionally, she is the descendant of the late Jeep Swenson, a well-known bodybuilder and former professional wrestler known as “Jeep the Mercenary” on a global scale.

The majority of people’s knowledge of Kayleigh Swenson father’s acting career comes from his depiction of Bane in the 1997 movie Batman & Robin. The Big Brawl, Bulletproof, and No Hold Barred are a few of his additional film credits.

About Kayleigh, she is the child of Jeep and Erin Patricia (née Hillsman), his wife. The 5′ 10″ tall Kayleigh prides herself on being a serious fitness enthusiast. She has also appeared on the Playboy cover of the magazine twice. Additionally, the tall, statuesque, gorgeous, and tough model has more than 2 million Instagram followers, which speaks to her popularity on social media.

Check out where the Texan beauty, who is no stranger to flaunting her incredible body online, came from. Learn more about her early life, her parents, the full story of her father’s passing, and whether or not she is seeing anyone.

Kayleigh Swenson: Who Is She?

Kayleigh Swenson, Jeep Swenson’s daughter, was born in San Antonio, Texas, on October 22, 1985.

Swenson claims that even though she currently calls Fountain Valley, California home, she will “always be a Texas gal at heart.” She is said to be of Scandinavian ancestry.

Erin Hillsman, her mother, used to perform as an exotic dancer and model. Swenson claims that because of her parent’s way of living, she had to mature quickly. She also acknowledges that seeing her parents succeed in a variety of endeavors expanded her perspective.

According to Viking Barbie, her parents greatly influenced her motivation and work ethic. Swenson admitted in an interview that she sometimes wonders if her late father gave her a God complex.

In addition, Kayleigh Swenson is an artist.

Swenson has been concentrating on her music career in addition to being an activist, model, and drug recovery survivor. She has released music with Kéta, Tech N9ne, and Crooked I.

To further discuss her musical career, in June 2019, the daughter of Bad Pack fame worked with friend and songwriter Kéta Kuns as they created the tracks “Basic” and “Lies” with producer Chase-Green.

She was also set to release tracks by Crooked I (“My Heart Belongs To Daddy”) and Tech N9ne (“To The Bank”) at the same time. She also released “Blow Ya Mind (Succubus)” that year, which serves as her ode to the liberation of women in sexuality.

Jeep Swenson, her father, passed away from a drug overdose.

At the age of 40, Jeep Swenson passed away from heart failure on August 18, 1997, at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. Church of the Hills, Forest Lawn, 6300 Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills, CA 90068 is where the service was held.

James Caan and Hulk Hogan, two other wrestlers, gave eulogies. It was said that Kayleigh’s father’s years of steroid addiction were what caused his death. He reportedly used to rub steroids into his drug-ravaged body in addition to injecting, drinking, and eating them.

Additionally, Kayleigh overcame her drug addiction and spent time in jail.

The actor’s daughter, who was raised in San Antonio, admits to struggling with addiction, having to quit heroin, and spending time in a cell while unclothed and freezing to death.

Swenson, however, claimed in an interview that she gained something to a certain extent from that. The blonde Instagram beauty also discussed how she has always struggled with crazy and mental illness in the same conversation.

But she has always decided to embrace them while maintaining her inner strength. According to Kayleigh, she has always had it because she believes she has been required to. Swenson acknowledges encountering individuals who only attempted to sell their sexuality. However, she claims that she forbade them from discussing it.

The Texas native’s journey to self-acceptance and self-love wasn’t without struggle. Viking Barbie has been clean for more than eight years as of late.

Swenson attributes her ego with directing her toward sobriety. She says she is unapologetically uncaring when it comes to not allowing anyone get in the way now that she is away from her previous criminal lifestyle.

Presently, Kayleigh Swenson Aids Others With Drug Addiction

In addition to owning the Viking House, a transitional housing facility for males in Huntington Beach, Kayleigh also works to support others on their sobriety journeys.

“Because it was given to me so freely, I truly love to be able to give back and support individuals in their sobriety. I practically started from scratch, ran away from home, and now I live on the streets. I’ve spent time behind bars and have a serious drug problem. It’s incredibly fulfilling to be able to assist those in comparable circumstances.

in June 2019, the songwriter spoke to Ink Maged. Swenson believes that because to her own treatment experience, she has the knowledge to assist individuals who are battling addiction.

Owner of a recovery facility in Huntington Beach, model, and drug addiction victim Kayleigh Swenson is also the daughter of the late actor Jeep Swenson. Facebook
She also mentioned how, after she entered rehab, homeless, toothless individuals began to enter with their clothes peeled off after urinating on themselves. According to Kayleigh, those who society regarded as disposable become or have become pillars in the community and sponsors of others.

The individual who still likes to refer to herself as All American Dirtbag also rejects the notion that people who have addictions in their lives are too far gone or that they will never be able to overcome their addictions.

Kayleigh was reportedly the worst patient they had while she was in treatment, but she changed everything—from the company she kept to many of her views and viewpoints. She concentrated on her objective during her rehabilitation and used her addiction to create music and work in addition to “moving forward.”

What Mental Conditions Did Swenson Have?

Evidently, Kayleigh also struggles with a borderline personality disorder. One day, Swenson said, “Duality characterizes me.”

The 36-year-old acknowledged to having the capacity to switch between an egomaniac with mental disease and a very affectionate caring side in addition to saying that she is everything. She previously used this period of her life as motivation and wrote a lot while she was in treatment.

The dualities that came with this diagnosis were something Kayleigh wanted her music to creatively represent in all its facets. All of that eventually found its way into her EP, Borderline.

Meaning of Kayleigh Swenson’s Tattoos

In addition to her songs, Kayleigh’s skin acts as a canvas to show the duality at her core. Sergio Sanchez, the tattoo artist, depicts the Seven Deadly Sins on both sleeves.

Kayleigh Swenson, a model and owner of a rehabilitation facility, is the daughter of late wrestler and Batman and Robin actor Jeep Swenson. Facebook \sAD
She previously acknowledged that the outer right forearm is vanity, the inner upper arm indicates gluttony, and the other outer arm represents lust.

While denying her agreement with the rigidly imposed Christian norms, Viking Barbie continued by stating that she just adores magnificent epics. According to her, her tattoos serve as a constant reminder of her struggles with excess and addiction.

Has Kayleigh Been Dating Anyone?

Swenson announced her breakup with her then-fiancé on her YouTube channel in April 2016. However, the model, who was born in Texas, didn’t reveal his true identity. She claimed, however, that their separation was due to his relapse and his addiction issues. She also said in another video that throughout her entire life, she had been in three significant relationships.

In July 2018, Swenson presented a new man to her Facebook followers after two years. Then, what seemed to be a casual photograph revealed a narrative.

Although Kayleigh didn’t immediately identify the bald man in the sunglasses, it was clear from the comments on both her and his photos that he was Swenson’s companion. The tattooed beauty didn’t publicly declare her love for the aforementioned man until October 2018.

The duration of Swenson and this man going under the name of Aaron Andrew’s relationship has never been made public. The question of whether or not the pair plans to get married goes unanswered as well.

This man who appears to be Swenson’s lover also has a daughter of his own from a previous marriage.

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