Inside The Life Of Beau Waggoner Who Handles Star Waggons Business

Lyle Waggoner’s late son Beau Waggoner was an actor. In addition to playing, Beau’s father had dabbled in a few other professions before establishing Star Waggons in 1979.

But Lyle’s sons Beau Waggoner and Jason will run the company following his passing in 2020.

The Waggoner brothers are currently the company’s president. Beau, who began working for Waggons in the late 1990s, once remarked that, despite his dad running the business, he had to work very hard to advance.

Moving on to his romantic life, Waggoner has been wed to Kristina Flanderka-Waggoner for a considerable amount of time. But let’s find out if the couple has any shared offspring. Take a peek at Beau’s entire bio!

Where Is the Origin of Beau Waggoner? His Birthdate and Education

In Los Angeles, California, on September 2, 1970, Beau J. Waggoner was born. Alongside his older brother Jason Waggoner, he grew up. In Los Angeles, California, he received his diploma from Birmingham Community Charter High School.

Beau, 51, is of Caucasian ancestry and is an American as far as nationality is concerned.

Parents, what caused his father’s passing?

The parents of Waggoner are Lyle Waggoner and Sharon Kennedy. After working on The Carol Burnett Show, his father, who had a tremendous career in the entertainment business, became well-known. Wonder Woman, Zero to Sixty, and The New Mike Hammer are some of his other on-screen credits.

Sadly, on March 17, 2020, at age 84, the iconic actor passed away from his Los Angeles home from cancer.

The former actress, from Jackson, Wyoming, is referring to his mother Sharon. She was also a realtor and a financial consultant.

The career of Beau Waggoner: Co-President of Star Waggons He currently holds the position of president of Star Waggons, which offers location trailers to the film industry. His brother Waggoner. The same job is held by his older brother Jason at the business.

It was established by their late father Lyle in 1979 to provide specialized location trailers to the film and television industries. Beau stated that he started working for the corporation in the late 1990s in a 2016 interview with CNBC.

“I got my start with my father 27 years ago.”

Beau also told the network that despite his father being the business’s owner, he had to work very hard to acquire the prominent position he currently holds.

“I had to earn the position; my father didn’t give it to me.”

He used to wash trailers and then fix them at Star when he first started working there. He has worked there for eight years and put in years of hard effort to eventually become in charge of sanitation. He chuckled and recalled his old moniker, “Ty-D-Beau.”

Waggoner added that he studied architecture and also taught himself design in the same interview. He eventually assumed the position of manufacturing director for the business.

While his brother Jason works on rentals and business things right now, he currently focuses on the production and customization of the trailers. The local manufacturing and equipment leasing powerhouse, with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, employs close to fifty people.

Additionally, according to an estimate from April 2012, the company that operates out of a 10-acre property in Sylmar spends around $200,000 annually outfitting its trailers.

How much money is Beau Waggoner worth?

In 2022, he will be valued at $2.5 million. Beau has amassed such wealth through his own company, Star Waggons. In 2015, the business made about $17 million.

At the time of his passing, his late father Lyle Waggoner had a net worth of $40 million. His 4,600 square-foot seaside property in Oxnard, California, cost $3.95 million. However, the mansion was put on the market for $4.4 million a few months after his passing.

Beau Waggoner and his wife Kristina Flanderka-Waggoner have two children.

Beau and his wife Kristina have been together for a long time. Despite having been together for a long time, none of them has spoken publicly about getting married. They were silent when it came to how they met and when they got married.

Speaking of the spouse of Beau Waggoner, Kristina is a Los Angeles native who went to Village Christian School.

Additionally, the couple is blessed with a son and a daughter. On their social media platforms, such as Facebook, they have shared a few pictures of their children. The four-person family also commonly makes an appearance while spending quality time together in different locations.

With his wife and kids, Beau currently resides in Simi Valley, California.

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