‘Impractical Jokers’ Star Joe Gatto Expresses His Feelings About His Departed Parents on Social Media

One of the stars of ‘Impractical Jokers,’ Joe Gatto, is a well-known comedian who lost his father when he was a child. Gatto frequently uses Twitter to vent his frustrations with his parents.

However, the person who makes everyone happy is still grieving the loss of both of his parents. Joe Gatto uses Twitter to convey his views and emotions concerning his parents on a regular basis.

Joe Gatto Advises Everyone To Celebrate Their Parents’ Legacy

Following the death of his father, the TV star also lost his mother. His mother, Gerri Gatto, died unexpectedly in June 2012 at the age of 67.

Gerri and Gatto Sr. were happily married for 28 years until he died. They had three children, one of which was comedian Gatto.

Gerri began her career at St. Adalbert’s School as a secretary before being promoted to Administrative Executive.

Despite the fact that Gerri died eight years ago, she is still alive in Gatto’s heart, since he writes about her on a regular basis.

On the seventh anniversary of his loving mother’s death, the 44-year-old sent out a Tweet in June 2019.

He disclosed in the Tweet that the occurrence was unexpected and that he was still sore. He also conveyed his feelings, urging others to honor their parents’ legacy to the fullest extent possible.

Furthermore, Gatto stated that he loves his mother every day and urged those who have lost loved ones to remain strong.

It wasn’t the first time the New Yorker expressed himself on social media. Gatto also celebrated his mother’s birthday in September 2018 with a special Tweet.

On the occasion of his mother’s birthday, he requested his fans to hug their moms in honor of his mother. Gatto also encouraged all those who had lost their mothers, like he had, to remember all the good times and smile.

Joe Gatto’s Father Died Because of Alcoholism

Joseph Gatto Sr., Gatto’s father, was born in New York in July 1939. Unfortunately, the comedian’s father died in September 1995, at the age of 56.

Pancreatic cancer, according to accounts, was the cause of his death. His health, on the other hand, had been wrecked by his alcoholism.

When he was nineteen years old, the star of Impractical Jokers lost his father. When his father died, he mentioned in one of his Tweets from January 2020 that a Winnie-the-Pooh stuffed animal had helped him sleep at night.

Joe Gatto Family
Source: Distractify

He revealed in the Tweet, which included a GIF of Pooh, that he received the plush toy when he was three years old. Gatto slept with the toy until he was 17 years old.

He also stated that the toy had been his friend and had helped him get through some of his most difficult times, including his father’s death.

In August 2017, the performer also shared a touching photo of two similar cards that read, “Thank you for my son!” One was written by him, and the other was written by his father.

On the birth of his son, Remo Gatto, he gave the note to his wife. The surprising thing is that his father had handed Gatto’s mother the same handwritten note when he was born, some four decades ago.

The professional comedian recalled his family’s experiences of viewing TV shows together in a March 2018 Tweet.

Gatto, who was the target of a fake death rumor, claimed that specific television shows helped them unite as a family. And, despite the fact that he lost his father when he was young, he still treasures those memories.

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