How Much Money Does Philip Rivers Have in His Bank Account as of 2021? Find Out Here!

The New York Giants were where Philip Rivers began his NFL career. Rivers was then traded to the San Diego Chargers, where he spent the next 16 years of his career. From 2006 through 2019, Philip was the Chargers’ starting quarterback.

Despite being highly steady with the Chargers during his tenure, he never appeared in a Super Bowl. Rivers also has the most passing yards and touchdown passes of any quarterback who has not appeared in a Super Bowl. Now, let’s take a look at Philip Rivers’ net worth as of 2021.

Net Worth

Philip Rivers is a wealthy American football player with an estimated net worth of $80 million. Rivers announced his retirement from the NFL in 2020, following a final season with the Indiana Colts. Rivers earns $20.8 million per year. In 2009, he agreed to a six-year, $92 million contract with the San Diego Chargers. He signed a four-year contract deal for $84 million in 2015. Philip had earned a total of $188 million in NFL salaries as of September 2018.

The football player spent slightly under $1 million for a home in Westfield, Indiana, in 2020. The property is described as “modest” by pro-athlete standards, with five bedrooms and plenty of square footage. The mansion in the wealthy Brookside neighborhood swiftly went on the market after Philip resigned from the NFL following only one season with the Colts. This home was worth $1.05 million and was sold immediately. Given the estate’s 7,500 square feet of living space, four fireplaces, a wet bar, and a projection theater system, this is understandable.

Furthermore, the pro-athlete was said to be selling his California property in 2020. The six-bedroom, 6,844-square-foot home has a price tag of $4.2 million. A media center, ocean views, a beach, an indoor basketball court, a spa, and an 18-hole golf course are all included in this estate in a gated community in the San Diego area. Philip spent $3.299 million on the residence in 2009.

Rivers, Philip A career as a football player in the United States

Philip Rivers began his career as the third-string quarterback for the San Diego Chargers, with limited playing time owing to Drew Brees’ success. Rivers was promoted to a backup quarterback in 2005, but he remained in Brees’ shadow. Brees left in 2006, and Philip was eventually given the opportunity to shine. After playing an entire game with a torn ACL in 2007, he got tremendous acclaim.

By 2008, he had led the league in touchdown passes, passer rating, yards per pass attempt, and adjusted yards per pass. He got a six-year contract extension with the Chargers in 2009 and led the league in several categories. By 2012, Michael had accumulated more than 25,000 career yards, placing him seventh among all NFL quarterbacks.

The athlete signed a four-year contract extension in 2015. This brought him to 2019 when both the Chargers and Rivers agreed it was time for them to split ways. He then committed to a one-year contract with the Colts before retiring in 2020. Following his retirement, Philip stated his intention to coach high school football, much like his father had done before him.

The SUV of Philip Rivers

In 2017, it was revealed that Philip Rivers was being ferried around in a custom-built SUV with its own “living area.” Philip was able to watch football games on his way to Chargers practice thanks to the magnificent cinema room in the roomy vehicle.

Because of Los Angeles’ notorious traffic, the pro-athlete pondered hiring a helicopter before settling on the luxury SUV. According to estimates, he spent at least $200,000 on the vehicle, plus additional payments for hiring a driver.

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